Important: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – A man who lies massively about HITLER – A JEW?


Today, for the first time I was watching a video by Christopher Jon Bjerknes for the first time, and I heard a whole lot of real rubbish. I was rather astounded by it.

So I did a bit of checking with my friends and they confirmed that he is a GERMAN HATER and he has some kind of Jewish heritage!! AHA!!!!

So there you have it… and he was saying how much he was going to write about Hitler being a communist, and LOTS LOTS MORE of this coming.

I am well aware that Hitler and the NAZIs had to deal with large numbers of Germans who were turned into communists … BY THE JEWS and they had to win their minds back.

But to call Hitler a communist agent … is much like the old conservatives I used to believe in. Its all complete nonsense.

Anyway, I thought afterwards that anything produced by this fellow, deserves to be thrown in a fire and burnt. Clearly he is out to totally muddle up and screw up all the facts about the Germans.

He reminds me of someone else: JORDAN PETERSON the Canadian “intellectual”.


4 thoughts on “Important: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – A man who lies massively about HITLER – A JEW?

  • 30th September 2019 at 4:41 pm

    Yes, Bjerknes is known to be Jewish. He reminds me of other fellows, such as Antony Sutton (who Eustace Mullins said was involved with British intelligence) and Henry Makow (who is Jewish). Guys like these are always busy trying to convince the masses that Hitler was a communist or a shill who was funded by the bankers. Even though this is obviously fallacious, their argument is very insidious and sidetracks lots of people from the truth. Then people like Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones, and other people take up these theories as if they were facts and thereby deceive a LOT of good people.

    There is a very good video here, which totally blows away this kind of thinking by an American anti-Zionist named Michael Collins Piper:

    People don’t seem to understand that Hitler was THE BIGGEST enemy of communists, bankers, and their ilk and he actually cleaned out their corrosive influence and revived Germany. He took them from being an unemployed, debtor’s nation, entirely broke and destitute, to a world superpower in almost HALF A DECADE. In just five years from 1933-38, Germany was fifty years ahead of the rest of the planet. That is almost unheard of in all known history. So how exactly can he be controlled opposition, especially when WWII was fomented in the first place to destroy Germany?

    None of it makes sense, but it is an attractive distraction for lesser minds and it is a favorite tool of REAL con-men and Jews to confuse people with. I also once believed this stuff to a degree, until I really started asking myself hard questions like, “How was Germany so prosperous and happy if Hitler was bad? Why was WWII all against Germany if they were doing what the bankers wanted? Why has Hitler been demonized and vilified to this day? Why is everyone fine with REAL bad actors, communists, and shills, but they all hate Hitler? Why was the Holocaust such a big lie?”

  • 30th September 2019 at 9:59 am

    Bjerknes along with Jim Condit and Rae West whom I thought knew better are peddling the idea that Hitler was a Jew, a Rothschild, a British agent and a secret Communist. Among other so-called sources is the book ‘Bevor Hitler Kam,’ or Before Hitler Came in English. The book which I struggled through with a German-English dictionary is hardly a source. There are no sources. Hitler may even have had some Jewish blood, but, if he did it didn’t affect his desire to do the right thing. I certainly can’t see Hitler as some Rothschild as he actually told the Central bankers to go to hell and the National Socialist State printed its own money based on the labor of the citizens. I wouldn’t give too much credence to this silly premise.

    • 2nd October 2019 at 8:44 pm

      Don Hermiston, I feel the same. My whole awakening process has been a long and sometimes bumpy road, navigating my way through all kinds of information and sources, having to determine the trash from the treasure, as well as taking what’s good from some sources and ignoring the small percentage of garbage they throw in along with the good info they provide.
      I came across Rae West’s “” website via somebody several years back and was enjoying the information he provided, until I came upon his views on Hitler.
      I don’t deny I was confused in my earlier days, when I would come across the Hitler-Rothschild crap. I initially left this info on the table but as I came to learn more about Hitler and the miracle he performed in Germany, as well as countless hours of footage and his speeches, it was easy for me to throw that info on him out.
      It is documented he did received over 300 million in funding when he first took over Germany – this makes sense as he had no funds and Germany was devastated and bankrupt. However, as I hear it, he paid this money back and from there on out he dismantled their central bank and went on establish their own money/labor system, which appeared to have worked amazingly well as he was able to set up bartering systems with other countries, completely eliminating the International Jewish Banking system and denying them of their UNEARNED profits, enraging them, of course….they had already declared war on Germany before he even cut them out, and I would like to know why that was?

  • 30th September 2019 at 6:51 am

    Completely Agree! That way they can keep their continued 24/7 Hitler hate and demonization.


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