IMPORTANCE NOTICE FROM JAN: Much Server work in progress on my websites


IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM JAN: I’ve been busy for more close to 2 weeks fixing important and critical problems on my servers that pertain to HistoryReviewed and especially AfricanCrisis. I’m not producing content until I’ve finished these fixes. I’ve done a ton of work in this regard. So you’ll be seeing new output then. You’ll see the myriad of things I’ve been up to. But I had some serious problems on my websites. One website I struggled with for over 18 months to fix the problems and some I only managed to finally solve in the last day or two.

AfricanCrisis especially was totally buggered due to problems from the past. I’ve had problems that I’ve not been able to solve in 18 months, which I’ve only solved today. But I’m not finished.

I have many bugs including the irritating pop-up windows on my websites!

When all the server work is finished I can begin setting up the online shop that’s going to be linked to my two main websites. So don’t miss that!

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