Jan & Alex agree: #TimeToKill: I’m all in favour of: Terror, Violence, Murder & War … as long as it saves the White Race…


On Gab someone was going after Dennis Wise of The Greatest Story Never Told. The person was asking Dennis Wise to confirm that he does NOT support terror and violence. I don’t know what started it all. But I decided to give my views on this matter of violence.

So this is what I posted:
For the record I’m all for terror, violence, murder and war. Anything that saves the white race is good by me. I don’t see why we must always toe the line. If we can’t get our way LEGALLY, then we must do it ILLEGALLY! That seems to be what’s working for Jews & Commies. So why not for us hey?

Some time later Alex Linder added his voice as follows:-

Yes, I think we should be talking about violence.

I think it’s #TimeToKill

And I don’t even think the votefags in their hearts disagree.

I apologize up front for not being a Satanist or FBI.

I will add some more thoughts:-

If you do not allow us to practice our politics LEGALLY, then we will practice it ILLEGALLY!! But no ways in HELL will we ever STOP practicing our politics! NEVER!!

I’m all for assassination, poisoning, hanging the Jews on meat hooks … you name it. The simple condition is this: If you do not allow us to practice our politics LEGALLY then you’ll be forcing us to take the ILLEGAL path … which I then fully support to the hilt! NO WAYS IN HELL ARE WHITES GOING TO DIE OUT… WITHOUT ONE HELL OF A FIGHT TO THE FINISH!!!

Jan Lamprecht.

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