Jan & Alex agree: #TimeToKill: I’m all in favour of: Terror, Violence, Murder & War … as long as it saves the White Race…


On Gab someone was going after Dennis Wise of The Greatest Story Never Told. The person was asking Dennis Wise to confirm that he does NOT support terror and violence. I don’t know what started it all. But I decided to give my views on this matter of violence.

So this is what I posted:
For the record I’m all for terror, violence, murder and war. Anything that saves the white race is good by me. I don’t see why we must always toe the line. If we can’t get our way LEGALLY, then we must do it ILLEGALLY! That seems to be what’s working for Jews & Commies. So why not for us hey?

Some time later Alex Linder added his voice as follows:-

Yes, I think we should be talking about violence.

I think it’s #TimeToKill

And I don’t even think the votefags in their hearts disagree.

I apologize up front for not being a Satanist or FBI.

I will add some more thoughts:-

If you do not allow us to practice our politics LEGALLY, then we will practice it ILLEGALLY!! But no ways in HELL will we ever STOP practicing our politics! NEVER!!

I’m all for assassination, poisoning, hanging the Jews on meat hooks … you name it. The simple condition is this: If you do not allow us to practice our politics LEGALLY then you’ll be forcing us to take the ILLEGAL path … which I then fully support to the hilt! NO WAYS IN HELL ARE WHITES GOING TO DIE OUT… WITHOUT ONE HELL OF A FIGHT TO THE FINISH!!!

Jan Lamprecht.

5 thoughts on “Jan & Alex agree: #TimeToKill: I’m all in favour of: Terror, Violence, Murder & War … as long as it saves the White Race…

  • 22nd March 2018 at 6:40 am

    I agree with everything you say Jan. It is not merely an option to use violence but a necessity. No species on Earth can survive without killing its enemies. The reason we are here today is because our forefathers KILLED THEIR ENEMIES. If white males have lost the courage to kill our enemies then we have become a biologically obselete species and are doomed to extinction. As Hitler said “Those who want to live, let them fight…..”.

    Since the end of WWII the racialist movement has wasted its time on activies that have been proven not to achieve effective results. Marches, protests, radio shows, books, arcticles, websites, voting-all are good but they are not enough to secure our survival in the long run. Our ancestors survived by killing and reproducing, by fighting and fucking. It is no different today. Nature’s laws do not change. Ultimately we have to kill our enemies to stand a chance of survival.

  • 21st March 2018 at 6:57 am

    Jan I`m very proud of you by saying that!!! Love Your Race and Honor Your Ancestors. “BLOOD AND SOIL” Slanca!

    • 22nd March 2018 at 1:19 am

      Hey Roy,
      Glad you liked it. People on Gab liked it. I saw it being reposted quite a lot. We’re far from finished brother! And I’m going to return to the Blood and Soil narrative. It really works for us. I’ve just been hammered by them taking down all my old websites. So that’s thrown a real spanner in my works in recent days. 14/88

  • 21st March 2018 at 4:05 am

    what magical event do you finally think its going to take for people to actually do something? and then what can we actually do? its like all the dumb americans claiming they are going to “eventually” do something, meanwhile they are about to be a minority and blacks are committing 200x more interracial violence according to the FBI… AND AMERICANS HAVE ALL THE GUNS!!!… i keep watching south africa and how its falling apart and i see my politicians forcing us here in australia down EXACTLY the same path and it scares me shitless but ive never heard anyone come up with an example of what will make it finally “snap”. we are gping to be down to the last white guy in our countries screaming “soon, soon the war will begin”

    • 22nd March 2018 at 1:18 am

      Hi Nosdan,
      You raise a really important question. I also wondered “when people will snap”. 99.9% of the time whites won’t just “snap”.
      Whites are a very controlled people.

      I’ve come to the conclusion, having observed the whites in Zimbabwe and the whites in South Africa, that its a “process”. Firstly, all people, of all races, not just whites, are arrogant. Everyone believes: “It can’t happen to me”. But when it does finally happen, much later anger will set in.

      There is also a strong element of psychological warfare and “stage managing” that is going on all the time. You might not be aware of it.

      Whites will quietly begin making moves as they perceive the threat growing. That’s how this begins. Many times, their “quiet pre-emptive moves” “soften” up the process. This happens in South Africa quietly. Whites many times can quietly stop things. Not always, but they can.

      Whites will only ACT (not snap), when they have begun to build up strength and unity. Whites will NEVER SNAP. They will ACT, when they have begun to work and build “structures” (e.g. political entities) that will fight.

      The final phase will be the LEADER. The leader is the hardest part because whites will go for the easy route always.

      Whites will ALWAYS walk down the EASY PATH first. They will do this and flog this to death until they can’t make it work. The process towards fighting back is a long one.

      But the whites of the world are beginning to move DESPITE their elite and masters holding them down.

      Don’t lose faith. Whites will never act pre-emptively years ahead of the time. This is LARGELY due to the way the Jews hide their intentions and lie about things.

      Just keep on working at learning, red-pilling, being an activist. Teaching yourself skills, etc. There is a worldwide stirring going on in the USA and Europe and the UK. So make no mistake its coming.

      In Australia, I’d say you’re in for a LONG WAIT.

      There are many aspects to the question you ask. Its a very valid question and I’ve been trying to figure out for many years myself how this would work. What I’ve written above is what I’ve begun to deduce about this.

      That’s why I’m not particularly worried, even about SA. There are MANY factors. And there are factors that work for us, that you’re not aware of.

      Nice to see an Australian here. Many ex-SA people there by you. BE AWARE of the fucking Jews in Australia who came from South Africa. The fucking pieces of shit will be working to fuck you guys up your asses. Watch the fucking Jewish cunts. They are going to damage you like they damaged us.

      Take care brother.

      PS: There is a lot more I could say. Its a critical issue that I’ve pondered and frowned and worried over for many years. My answer is simply: The whites will hit back. The whites will go on the attack everywhere eventually. How and when and where it takes place depends on many factors. The Jew has worked hard and works intensely hard to DEFUSE these situations endlessly. That’s what the Jew does. Whites, Globally do NOT act in accordance with their natural instincts. Their instincts are MASSIVELY SUPPRESSED due to decades of Jewish meddling since WW2. But when it does break free one day, I think its going to be freaking wild. I even think that when whites truly want to break out of the system that it will require WW3. I think freedom for whites can only happen in a WW3 type scenario. I am sure that when one group of whites break out, that the Jews will rush in the cuckolds from elsewhere to come and kill them. I think it will be bloody – maybe even many times bloodier than WW2. It might make WW2 look like a walk in the park. It might even require a whole era of endless warfare that rages for long. When the blood flows … it will flow. But I feel confident, even here in SA that you’ll still see the whites EVENTUALLY fighting like lunatics. But it may be quite a few years before then.


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