If Trump leaves … how bad will it be for the Alt-Right and Whites? – Could it be GOOD if Trump goes?


I was pondering again, my position regarding Trump, if somehow, he leaves and acknowledges the (fake) Biden win. How bad would it be for White Americans especially the Alt-Right?

I was thinking that maybe the white morale would collapse, but I have been very surprised and delighted to see quite a number of people in the Conservative/White Right/Alt Right, remaining firm and even going on the attack against the Mass Media.

So that is GOOD.

But what sealed the deal for me was when I saw the Rassmusen poll. In there it showed that 47% of Americans believe there was election fraud. So despite the INTENSE media campaign to fake it for Biden, you have almost HALF the US population being skeptical. Of them, 30% are hardcore convinced about this.

So the plus side is that if Trump fake loses to Biden and is removed from office, that gives you 47% of the population beginning to say: Something is bloody wrong here… And this is all that you need in order to start the process of RED PILLING.

AND, there are many many new websites popping up and going against the system. Then you have someone like Sidney Powell, whom I believe Twitter has just silenced … and she was going wild too.

So if Trump actually walks out, and the piece of dog shit, Biden, comes in, I think it will just wake up even more people. We really need to head towards a revolution in the Western world, and I think this would really just create new problems for the Jews and the Elite.

As long as the White Right’s morale does not collapse, then we’re good to go. If Trump goes, then it merely adds to the mountain of data that Jews and their assorted scumbag pals, are rigging things. It just adds to 911, USS Liberty, and the mountain of other stuff out there. The pile of issues just grows bigger and once a person is red pilled on one thing, they quickly move to the holohoax, Hitler, 911 and all the rest.

In a perverse way it could work out great. Trump can in theory make a comeback in 2024 if the Elite and Jews don’t bankrupt him and destroy him. He might even have his own media. In theory he could get an 8 year term. Though he is very old and I’m not sure if this could work.

But I no longer think that Trump walking out is the disaster that I thought. Biden is a piece of crap, but so were the other Democrats before him. Let people miss Trump.

Having said all that, I would prefer to see Trump win, because I want to see TRUTH and FACTS winning finally for our people. So even if Trump leaving were good, I don’t like it. I don’t like seeing the LIE and the people of the lie winning. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE F*CKING LIES WINNING ANY MORE. I AM SICK OF IT. LIES NEED TO BE SMASHED. THE TRUTH MUST CRUSH LIES LIKE A BUG.

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