If the Boers/White South Africans can create White enclaves, why can’t Americans & others?


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[I was very delighted to read some of the exchanges that took place between white leaders in the USA and Canada once they saw the video Alex Linder and I did with Dr Gavin Scrooby. It is excellent if we can be an inspiration to other whites. I don't know who Pastor Tom Robb is, but he sounds like a guy I would like to talk to. Billy Roper in the USA has always struck me as someone who is serious about this notion of a Whites-only area in the USA. It will be fantastic if the White Americans can embrace this idea. Jan]

Nancy wrote:

If the greatly outnumbered Boer/South African Whites can create a White enclavesolely for the White race, why can we not try the same? Yes, I know the CIA/FBI/BLM etc.
will infiltrate and try to destroy it, but what is left for our people?
In many rural areas of Kentucky and other States there are areas with a minimum of
blacks and even a minimum of Whites for that matter.
I know that Tom Robb has created a great concept in Arkansas while there was/is
a movement to gather folks to the NorthWest. That is a concept that I believe would
fail in that immigrants are not located in one area, but rather within several States.
Finances would be a barrier and gobernment snitches would be the other problem,
but what is going to be left of our cities, counties and States which will be ruled
and destroyed by the negras?
Just thinking thoughts that many are thinking in these mad times.
Our gobernment ain’t ours. Along with the jewmedia, we are the serfs of all the far-leftists
and their negra running dogs.

Then Paul Fromm in Canada replied:
agree with you. Pastor Tom Robb is a leader in these ideas.

Finally, I wrote this to Nancy and Paul:

Fantastic thinking gentlemen! I’m totally with you.

Creating whites-only communities and areas is the future.

There is much I can and will say on this matter from having observed the events in SA.

The number of whites arming up and beginning to think like this are just increasing.

Play time is OVER. We have no choice, its getting down to the wire for survival.

If you will follow my videos that I’ve done so far on Portuguese/Angola, you will begin to learn some deep and important lessons from our wars that are hidden and ignored. And MORE is coming. My 2nd Portuguese/Angola video will be out this week. I’ve done most of it.

The biggest trick though, is going to be the economic system, and in that I think NS is the only hope – and NS did include free market.

You folks in North America, can do this easily. I like Billy Roper who also thinks like this.

I’ve not heard of Tom Robb before. I’m keen to hear what he has to say.

But this is the only way AND it will work, despite Jews and Blacks controlling other things.

I’ve watched our enemies closely.

Take care

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2006: Norman Reeves: I can solve S.African crime in 6-weeks!!!
This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

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