Humor: Whites: How to sound a LOT CLEVERER at your Liberal/Jewish workplace & get promoted…

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Whites: Know your enemy: Fun Facts about (((Liberals)))
Liberals are NOT our friends! Liberals are the ENEMIES of ALL Whites. Here are some fun memes about Liberals.

[I last saw this in the 1980s in South Africa, just as the first DOS PCs were coming on line. Back then we did not have email to share jokes, etc so we liberally used photocopiers and shared cartoons, jokes, racist jokes and other fun stuff by photocopying it.

A thing which I saw which I loved, and laughed at a lot was a Buzz Word Generator. But I lost my copy and during the age of the Internet I hunted in vain for something similar – but was hampered and did not know what to call it.

While I was in the USA, I got a copy of this from an old guy, and I was over the moon. This is what I had been hunting for, for years.

With this… you can go places. You can be among Jews, Blacks and Liberals and sound really intelligent when in fact you have no bloody clue what is going on (and neither do they!). I swear here in SA I spoke to many blacks I worked with and I listened to them using huge words and I wondered if they knew what those words and concepts actually meant!!!!

I tend to speak in simple terms, and I don’t like to speak in high level concepts that have vague meanings. I noticed my one Jewish friend and other Jews, on the other hand, LOVED to speak using such high level concepts and terms, and it was clear to me that they had only a vague understanding of what they were talking about.

I prefer European precision.

Anyway, so in this age of total BS, here’s a way to sound as if you have a Master’s Degree or a doctorate or two when in fact you know absolutely sweet f**k all … (and neither do the other Jews and other stupid clowns around you).

Live by the Jewish/Black idea of: FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!!!!

KEEP REAL KNOWLEDGE BETWEEN WHITES … and talk like this to the Jews and other pieces of shit! Heil Hitler! Jan]

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Video: God said: Exterminate the Blacks: The Harry Knoesen Story S.Africa
Lots of Whites say that Christians will never fight. Here is a story unlike any other. This is the strange story of the CRUSADERS, the (NCRM) National Christian Resistance Movement of South Africa. This was a Christian Racialist who had former SADF special forces, Recces with him. They wanted to seize back South Africa for WHITES! This took place in 2018 and 2019. We study what Harry did and the many strange twists and turns in this strange story.

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