How White Americans are fooling themselves about Blacks…

[There was a discussion among American Whites about Blacks on TV. It came from a "Good Jew" website. I don't publish "Good Jew" stuff except under extreme conditions. There is no such thing as a "Good Jew" anyway because the "Good Jews" cover for the "Bad Jews". The notion here was that Blacks might learn some positive things from TV and improve. So I sent the White American a quick note below. Jan]

Hi xxxx,You wrote: The good is that blacks now have good examples to follow.

I’m afraid, it is clear you are fooling yourself like large numbers of Whites in America are.

Been there, done that, where we believed you could ally with these people, and "fix them".

It’s far more complex than that.

It doesn’t work.

When times are tough and things go wrong, you’re in for a horrible surprise. You’ll find that they turn on you. All of them do.



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