How the hell did this happen? Alex Jones’ attorney gives *ALL* his phone data to the opposing attorneys!?!?!?

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The creepiest, most insane thing that could have happened, and I can’t even begin to believe this, is that Alex Jones’ attorney EMAILED an entire backup copy of his phone to the opposing attorney.

Not only that but he did not go into FULL LEGAL DAMAGE CONTROL MODE!

What he’s done is insane. Yet, his damage control was almost nil.

They now have so much data from Alex Jones, that Jones himself can be destroyed and it even ties back to January 6th!

My mouth hangs open at this. This is an insane disaster.

I have wondered if he can trust his own attorney. Is there other weird stuff going on?

The bottom line is, this is an insane, huge nightmare. This could be one of the things that can DESTROY HIM and leave incredible problems for YEARS.

Oh man. This is beyond imagination.

He’s already in deep shit … and this could be the biggest disaster of all.

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