How rich are the Jews of South Africa really? – 0.15% (or less) own 26.4% of South Africa!

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I also discuss how in South Africa, the National Party betrayed the AWB. In this video I discuss the concept of Jews using Whites to destroy other Whites. But in the end, ALL the Whites end up losing, including those who worked to destroy the Right Wing/Racial Whites.

I have been looking at details of Jewish wealth, and I can find information for Jews across the world … EXCEPT in South Africa. You won’t find the statistics of the rich South African Jews being mentioned.

The only Jews in South Africa whose wealth you’ll hear about, are the Oppenheimers, and in recent years "their wealth went down". I mentioned this in a video. Their wealth declining? That’s impossible, because they are now one of the biggest land owners in South Africa.

The way wealth of billionaires and the super rich is measured is by their PUBLIC COMPANY HOLDINGS. Thus private wealth, which is much much greater, is hidden. This is true for everyone, not just Jews. So when you get a guy like Bill Gates being said to be worth $100 billion, that is only the extent of his public holdings and not his total wealth. This is how the wealth of the super rich everywhere is hidden.

This is also why the Jewish trillionaire Rothschilds are NEVER listed as being among the richest people in the world because most of their wealth is HIDDEN … and it controls Britain. Britain is the land where the most HIDING of the money of the super rich is the most prominent. That’s a topic to revisit.

After quite some research I finally found details of some of the public wealth of the Jews of South Africa.

The concentration of Jewish wealth in South Africa might actually be higher than even in the USA or Canada.

Their population is also dwindling. I finally also managed to get proper statistics for their actual numbers now. The Jews are definitely leaving South Africa at quite a rate, for their small population. However, their concentration of wealth is still tremendous.

The numbers I found indicate that Jewish ownership of PUBLIC COMPANIES is 26.4%. Yet Jews make up (at the very most), 0.15% of South Africa’s population. Thus the Jews of South Africa might have the highest concentration of wealth of any Jews of the world, compared to the population of the country.

Then there is the enormous until story of all the NON-PUBLIC COMPANIES OWNED BY JEWS!!!!! There are LOTS of them. Jews, for example, by my estimates, control a massive portion of the property industry to example. I would not be surprised if 80% or perhaps even 90% of property sales in South Africa go through a Jewish middle man.

The Jewish population has been falling a lot. In fact, I’ve made some new discoveries about the Jews of South Africa that help to cement what has been going on.

But their population has dropped drastically. HOWEVER, those who remain are most likely the ones who are the most tenacious and they probably have a LOT of WEALTH.

Thus, the poorer Jews might have been leaving while the very rich have been staying.

I was pleased to finally make a breath-through with regard to what is actually known about the Jews of South Africa.

I also suspect, as a general observation, that the world is returning to "old racial patterns". One of these is that of Jews throwing their money bags ahead of them and then leaving countries of their own accord.


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