How many invasions of Europe were the Jews responsible for?

[Nordlux Bellator in Eastern Europe made the point that Jews were involved in the Ottoman Empire invading Europe, which became a huge problem for Europe. However, another person left these comments for me. I am aware of the Jews being directly responsible for the invasion of Spain. But I was not aware of the Jews being behind the Mongols. 


div>It would be interesting to know more about the Jews and the Ottoman Empire. When I had Jewish friends, my friend in Israel shocked me by saying that Jews lived well in the Ottoman Empire. Furthermore, he hated it when the Christian Crusaders came to Palestine! This adds to the notion that Jews hated Christianity, but above all they hated Europe. That is still evident to this day. Jan]

The reader wrote:

Jan dont forget the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans was financed by Jews who were kicked out & not allowed into Constantinople. The whisperer in the ear of Mahmut of the Ottoman empire was his Jewish hairdresser & the first people allowed to operate businesses in Constantinople after the invasion were Jews – nothing changes. The Visigoths did the same thing, following Constantinople not allowing Jews into Iberia (spain) the result was the financing + invasion of the Moors into Iberia/Spain – the Italians since the 11th century believed the invasion of the Mongels into Europe was due to the Jews – this is found in the book “The house of Rothschilds” they were behind it because they were the Khazarians of the steps.

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