How Communists really work in 2021: Similarities between the Communist Party of the USA & the South African Communist Party


[This is a note I sent to a good friend in the USA. This is a basic note about how communists actually work even nowadays. There is more, but this is a basic sketch. Jan]

hi xxx,

I never hear you Americans talking about the communist party of the USA. In South Africa we have a communist party, and it hijacked the ANC which rules the country. The rules by which it works in SA is very similar to the way the CPUSA works with the Democratic Party.

And people, especially the Liberals and Jews, never mention the Communist Party. And the Communist party in South Africa appears to be small, and so it is always ignored. But little do they know how it actually works.

It has fixed rules. It does this for example: It never takes part in an election. But it tells its followers which political party to vote for. In our case, it’s always the ANC. In the USA, the CPUSA always tells its voters to vote Democrat.

In South Africa, Communist Party members are ORDERED to belong to another political party or communist Front organisation. So many then belong to the ANC. They are expected to then support and work for that communist front.

In South Africa, the Communist Party officials also stand for elections, but NEVER as Communist Party members, but ALWAYS as ANC members!!!! So the "tiny" Communist Party then has members who get voted into very high positions, including President of SA, by the "majority party".

And there’s much more to it than that. But that is how they function in SA and 99.999% of the time nobody notices the Communists – the hard core Communists going about their work across South Africa and even dictating Government policy!

I wonder if this happens in countries other than the USA and South Africa. But the modus operandi of the South African Communist Party and the CPUSA seem to have a number of similar elements.

I thought I’d mention it…


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