Hotels for ”whites only” in Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) :D

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[An interesting story from Bulgaria. It certainly created an outcry among idiots. I hope that in fact this was real. But it's really sad to see whites having to duck and dive and dodge when doing things as mild as this. I do like the idea of a "Public swimming pool only for whites" … sounds like Apartheid days in SA! How awesome! Jan]

With a picture from the entrance of a hotel in the resort Sunny Beach stirred the spirits on social networks. It shows that in English it is written in large letters "Public swimming pool only for whites" and "The life of whites matters", NOVA reported.

Foreign tourists write that they are outraged and that this is a sharp manifestation of racism.

For his part, the hotel owner denied that there had ever been such an inscription.

The photo was uploaded on the social network Facebook. And the Commission for Protection against Discrimination has already received a similar signal, said on the air of "Hello, Bulgaria" its deputy chairman Assoc. Prof. Baki Husseinov.

A French magazine angered the political elite

"We will initiate proceedings in connection with the complaint. We have such a practice. This is one of the signs set out in the Law on Protection against Discrimination, which we must check. Yesterday we sent our representative to Sunny Beach, we have a protocol. We will look at the file on the general order ", explained Assoc. Prof. Husseinov.

However, the hotel manager Georgi Slavov is adamant that the photo is a montage.

"There is no such inscription. We have seen other such collages. I cannot say who is interested in this," he commented.


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