HIV-Laced COVID-19 Targets Human Testicles Its TB Strand Blocks The Immune System


[This was published on Jeff Rense's website. He is big into medical weirdness. The only thing of interest is whether COVID can target male testicles. All of these claims are weird. Jan]

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that was augmented with HIV proteins and a DNA sequence of M-tuberculosis for upgrade as a lethal biological weapon targeting servicemen of military age and the officer corps of the world’s strongest military forces. Here, Part 9 of a series on the Wuhan outbreak explains:

– troubling findings that HIV proteins can exponentially increase their replication rate inside host cells, with new information on its lethal targeting of mature men through infection of testicles but, in contrast, inflicting a much lower casualty rate on women due to natural immunity from mucus in the cervix and vagina, this sex selectivity making it an ideal weapons against the military forces of the USA, China, Russia and France, four of the 5-member Security Council; and

– new information (now censored) on the presence of a M. tuberculosis sequence, which boosts COVID-19 defenses against the human immune system’s counterattack with white corpuscles and protein encapsulation of pathogens. M-TB interference prevents coordination between the lysosome (producer of white corpuscles) and its partner phagosome, which releases protein capsules to capture pathogens. This coordination isolates vast numbers of viruses for destruction followed by disposal.

Neutralization of the tandem phagosome and lysosome enables the attacking COVID-19 to generate swarms of new virions undisturbed, attach components to complete virus production, and dispatch the swarm to seek out other organs for infection that weaken the host patients, who after their cells are depleted go into final-phase toxic as massive flows of viruses escape through the lungs and feces to launch a hunt for more human prey.

This Spartacus strategy of taking weapons and freeing slaves from the Romans to amass a rebel horde succeeded for as long as the 8 legions led by Marcus Linnius Crassus could be prevented from joining together. The rebellious gladiator had about an equal chance of conquering Rome had stuck to the original game plan as the M.tuberculosis strand does inside your body. The analogy holds because if the rebels had successful seized Rome the spread of slave rebellions would have overwhelmed Athens, Byzantium, Antioch and Alexandria, changing the course of world history.

Defending the walls

Another analogy from the classical world, for HIV and M-TB grafting, is to arm a Greek warrior with a quiver of arrows and a strong shield, making him invincible against the host of foes guarding the gates of Troy. So far in this struggle, the defenders are falling in droves but the defenses of Wuhan and across China are still holding, buy time for the rest of the world to prepare for the onslaught and devise strategies for a counterattack against a most determined well-armed foe.

Microbiologists are stunned by this designer virus because now the odds are in favor of the attacker. The total lockdown of cities and villages throughout China indicates the tactical advantage gained by bio-engineered swarms seeking access to vulnerable prey. Around the world, biosecurity have been increased and information by now is widely censored by national health authorities. The many false reports and anti-China propaganda have only increase the suppression of news reports and public discussion of the contagion. As in a shooting war, it will soon become difficult to determine whether we are winning the struggle against the spread of contagion or losing entire regions to biowarfare.

Common sense dictates that nobody releases a killer pathogen unless they’ve already crafted and possess an antidote, at least for the political and corporate elite. While I have no intention or reason to cause undue alarm, one of microbiologists who contributed his expertise to the design of COVID-19, by intention or simply by sharing information with colleagues, the leading HIV expert Dr. Frank Plummer died in Nairobi on February 4 only about 6 weeks after his deep brain stimulation "therapy", which entailed drilling holes through his skull to insert electrodes into the juncture of the brain and the spinal nerve. No coroner’s report has yet been release indicating whether the cause of death was internal bleeding, a brain seizure, heart failure or some other cause. As a mentor to microbiologists Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Ron Fouchier, along with his apparent secret research for Porton Down-DSTL, his untimely death is a blow to investigative research into the design, development and production of COVID-19.

A masterpiece of synthetic biology

First, out of courtesy for the creators of this synthetic biological weapon, allow me to express admiration for the workmanship involved in this hybrid HIV-COV-MTB chimera. Then discussion of some of the technical features and operations of this chimera, followed by mention of possible strategies for countering its offensive and defensive capabilities. Then a retracing of how three inspired and dedicated microbiologists applied their area specialties to construct this extraordinarily effective mechanism for reduction of surplus humans in target regions, outside your neighborhood of course.

The controllers are intent on realizing the vision of a greener Earth in an environmentally balanced planet flushed of constant dread of toxic masculinity which is the root cause of all disorders, including the high birth rate requiring too many mouths to feed, rugged individualism opposed to collective happiness, gun ownership, hunting as a sport and warfare between tribes and nations, and harassment of women. In short biological instruments aimed at the penis are the guarantor of peace and Mother Nature’s abundance. Never say genocide because what’s starting in Wuhan is just a rebalancing of cultural values toward a sanitized Utopia in a future that cannot not exist.


Cheer up. Let us now praise the artistry in the creation of COVID-19, a stunning masterpiece of synthetic biology far in advance of any rival’s capability, especially slovenly copycat "science" as practiced in China that by itself is powerless against this super-virus and does not deserve mention in the same breath. This sparkling gemstone that heralds sweeping change is astonishing the world’s microbiologists and pathologists who tremble in awe. Its elegant structure is matched with efficiency of design, a chimera of three different micro-pathogens that operate in sync to deliver acceleration, speed and power of, say, a Ducati Diavel. Fine workmanship, professional expertise and decades of research were required for its construction. Hundreds of potential candidate pathogens must have been considered and their merits assessed before this tried qualify as finalists for HIV-COV-TB.

Special commendation goes to that inspired genius who persisted through decades of research, spent untold hours on lab work, risked personal exposure, gained intimate familiarity with lesser known functions, and discovered vulnerabilities in the human immune system. His leadership quality is admired by his apprentices united against demeaning insults from unappreciative regulators and ignorant journalists, especially through his recent exile years before reaching the last mile in triumphant glory. The current field trials of COVID-19 bode well for the crown jewel of bioscience.

Bravo, gentlemen, living and dead, who contributed to this milestone for microbiology, which now emerges as the undisputed champion among weapons systems, driving the last nail into the nuclear age that ends badly with technical lapses at Chernoble and Fukushima and the fog of chemical warfare that scarred memories of heroism in the Great War and became its own parody in Syria. We who are about to die, salute you!

Superlative kraftwerk

That said about teamwork, the highest accolades are reserved for the master artist-technologist whose "gijutsu" (技術 kraftwerk, inspired craftsmanship of intangible value) matches the elegant martial spirit of Masamune’s flashing katana, Nasu no Yoichi’s uncanny long bow and the naginata halberd of legendary warrior-monk Benkei. An uncompromising spirit, overcoming doubt and moral qualms, accounts also for the high mark set by Honda’s golden-winged Valkyree motorcycle, Final Fantasy from Square Enix, and the Panasonic HD screen with sound worthy of Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Sacrifice is required to reach the highest pinnacle; remember this at the Tokyo Olympics!

I bow deeply to the sensei as a national cultural treasure although unheralded, who like a lordly tiger to a lowly hunter, is the ultimate trophy, the tracking and chase the finest privilege in this allotted lifespan. The only thing more inspirational than jisatsu will be that glorious day his head is mounted on the wall. So raise a toast of Kawanakajima sake to his renegade spirit, as the last samurai in the battle against male toxicity.

The countdown to annihilation

The death spreading over Wuhan and around the world is time-clock in a contest of wits over the deadly puzzle released by the biowarfare complex, which challenges the world’s keenest scientific minds on a level far beyond the paltry algos of artificial intelligence. There are several possible solutions along with deceptive traps for conventional dimwits. A hasty mistake, however, could result in a quickening pace of destruction.

There are many choices of weaponry; most will fail. For instance, since the HIV function of COVID-19 targets the blood capillaries around the sperm tubes in the testicles, why not try ion channel blockers? There are interferon-type restriction factors against retrovirals including the HIV-proteins inside this COV. Tetherin dimers capture virions emerging from the invaded host cell, that is if administered in time. There’s tried and not-so true protease blockers to gum up the attackers. Then unconventional approaches, for example, injecting flagellate coatings to lure the viruses back into their original host, enabling capture by white blood corpuscles; or pulsed IV drips to alternate PH in the bloodstream as a type of psy-op to cause panicked viral retreat from replication, catching them with their pants down.

The creators of this morbid game want to draw out your most imaginable solutions and are watching the challengers with keen interest and chuckling in amusement at your more cunning moves to take out their black stones. There are no cheats until you write them. Like the board game of Go, things can’t be rushed even while the sands run out. As for your panicked feelings of guilt, people are dying from their bad choice of lifestyle, sugar-crammed diets, addictions, unsanitary habits and sloth-like refusal to improve, so this virus is merely hastening their own self-verdict. It’s not your fault. Think outside the box or lose this round. Face the challenge with the dispassionate calmness of Zen mind.

The penis exposed

First, as discussed in my earlier essays, four HIV protein strands are positioned in the virus replication mechanism. While anti-HIV drugs have been used, aiding patient recovery in some cases, the more serious infections defy treatment. Two types of conditions have been discerned healthy younger patients suffering few if any symptoms and the more difficult cases of older men with previous health issue.

A China-sourced medical paper based on autopsy reports (which the censors pulled offline) indicate damage to the testes and kidneys (in mature men) without mention of ovarian or vaginal infection in women. The discrepancy between sexes indicates that in more serious cases, the viral infection did not proceed from the lungs into the bloodstream to the kidneys and out the urinary tract. Otherwise women would be dying in equal numbers. (The actual infection and mortality figures have been grossly skewed by Chinese medical censors, as you’ve suspected all along, which exemplifies how the urban myth about Chinese being genetically smarter is canceled out by their ethical shortfall.)

Could the virus be moving in reverse from the penis to the testicles and up the urinary tract to the kidneys? The majority of Han men are not circumcised and so are vulnerable to infection by viruses in water droplets splashing out of urinals. (European health ministries have been urging the removal of urinals and advise men to sit not stand while peeing.) For some odd reason or perhaps sheer obstinacy, Christians do not follow the salutary health code of physician Moses.

Women’s bodies are much less prone to open-air infection not only due to squatting, but as shown in the research of the late Dr. Frank Plummer, the controversial director of the National Microbiology Laboratory in Manitoba, Canada, because their pathogen-resistant mucus in the cervical-vagina tract provides protection against HIV infection and other pathogens. As a toxic male, I admit they’re the better half, which is why they so quickly lose interest in my unsanitary presence. Excuse me, I have to sneeze. Pollen, I hope; darn it, forgot to buy tissue paper. Oh, well the shirt collar will do.

Given this difference in toilet habits, exposure of the foreskin region held between thumb and fingers, and left unwashed, is massively vulnerable to viral infection, as indicated by several venereal diseases, which means that public toilets must be closed and replaced with a safer type of design overflowing with disinfectants. Clean toiletry is a no-win battle in China because Chinese priorities in descending order are food, more food, 120-proof booze, hooker sex, Tinder dates with divorcees, gambling, sports and finally relief of built-up water pressure, there’s no point in expecting the government there to invest in sanitary public toilets stocked with tissue rolls when that sort of investment is better spent on laundering out to a mistress’s bank account in Southeast Asia.

Therefore condom producers should be requested to develop an antiviral-loaded cap for the unprotected foreskin, since Chinese men do hope for consent from Tinder whores. Excuse the crass language, but this is a social reality that can’t be fixed by Mandarin officials or communist dictatorships and certainly not through democracy. The re-education process, because that’s what is required in mass society, must begin at daycare and kindergarten, and reinforced all the way to post-graduate studies and in the workplace. I am not prejudiced, just a realist who knows it’s not going to happen even if everyone there is doomed to die horribly.

Circumcision as religio-cultural act aka jihad

This vulnerability of the uncircumcised Chinese male, in contrast with the childhood clip of Hui Muslims and Uyghurs, demands detective spadework on the 2012 mystery surrounding Egyptian researcher Dr. Ali Zaki. During his employment with the Saudi health ministry, Zaki shipped a sample of MERS coronavirus to Ron Fouchier at the Eramus medical center in Rotterdam, which the Dutch researcher then forwarded to Dr. Frank Plummer at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Manitoba, Canada.

The lack of paperwork about the source, copyright and ownership clanged alarm bells at Canada’s Public Health Service and the World Health Organization. In response to international concerns, the Saudi health ministry fired Zaki or so it was reported. This was at the time the Obama administration and CIA director John Brennan was planning the post-Arab Spring operations to eliminate the Assad regime and ram a pipeline from the Gulf states to the Mediterranean on toward Greece and Europe.

One unsettling possibility is whether the Saudi shipment was an approach to those NIH-defiant microbiologists, including Fouchier and the defiant Yoshihiro Kawaoka, both mentored by Dr. Plummer, who was "disappearing" toxic microorganisms through his lab for possible off-radar research at a secret site for more robust R&D under the authority of Porton Down-DSTL (Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, known as "Q" in the James Bond movies). Up in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, there’s a lot of space to dig holes in the ground. So a government-run underground lab(s) isn’t any huge surprise, serving a useful social service by recycling life-imprisonment convicts, abandoned extraordinary rendition subjects and unwanted orphans.

Since the timing of the Saudi request in 2012, just prior to the official inauguration of ISIS, the question arises, perhaps out of my naivete, of whether the Saudi government or a radical Islamist elite faction was seeking to prepare a biological weapon targeting the genome of Kurds in Iraq and Syria for the larger geostrategic objective of running that Trans-Arabian pipeline from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through the Sunni corridor in Iraq and across Syria to the Mediterranean Sea, the purpose being to prevent Russian domination over the energy supply to Europe. This clandestine project in line with the Obama-Hillary-Brennan foreign policy means that, yes, CIA-DARPA-MI6-DSTL were probably all aboard weaponizing coronavirus, the pathogen of choice following its marvelous success at shutting down Hong Kong in the SARS crisis, the test run for Wuhan.

After a year or so, Fouchier was permitted by Dutch authorities to begin research work on MERS, perhaps after the realization that Rotterdam, home of Erasmus MC, is financially dependent on the spot oil market for Arabian Gulf-sourced crude oil. By then, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK were all aboard the Syria pipeline project, and thousands of their citizens of Muslim faith were flown on KLM and Turkish airlines to Istanbul for transfer by bus to training camps run by NATO special forces instructors and CIA special ops. Should I even use the term "rogue" or "renegade" to describe this subgroup of microbiologists or refer to then as loyal "military contractors" like ISIS?

Return of the Jedi

By the time MERS arrived to the NML, Plummer’s acolyte Kawaoka was the chosen one in an avuncular relationship similar to master-learner relationship of Obiwan Kenobi and Anikin Skywalker. The Force was with Yoshihiro, who in 1997 had achieved the unthinkable reconstruction of the 1918-19 Spanish flu claiming even greater virulence, which he described as "the unstoppable flu". It is astounding how he revived a virus preserved in the tissues of an aboriginal flu victim buried in the permafrost of northern Alaska. Unfortunately the long-dormant flu’s rapid replication rates during the post-WWI global pandemic, could not be teased back into high-speed inside the host cells of Rhesus monkeys stripped of their immune systems. His boast was an empty one, even though it gained him notoriety. It still could not be mass-produced by state-run biowarfare programs in vials for airborne distribution over hostile militias inside the Arctic Circle and Idaho.


Influenza viruses were Kawaoka’s speciality, and therefore the HIV expertise had to come from Frank Plummer. Over the following dozen years, Kawaoka toiled with tidbits of advice from Plummer, who was thoroughly acquainted with the structures and mechanisms of HIV. By early 2011, they found the golden needle in the haystack. Four HIV proteins that control the replication process grafted on the influenza RNA-folding mechanism (resembling a Transformer car reconfiguring itself) enabled massive output of new virions from inside the host cells of an infected ferret. Kawaoka and two lab associates boasted about this breakthrough in the Journal of Virology issue of September 2011, the only disclosure before clamming up.

Theirs was a race against time due to a competitor H1N1 flu, constructed of viruses affecting wild ducks, pigs and humans, renamed the novel human swine flu that hit the shores of Tripoli over the summer of 2009 through delivery by a college student returning from Canada. In a society without any pigs, the swine flu reached pandemic proportions by the spring of 2011, coinciding with the start of the NATO bombing campaign and invasion to oust Muamar Gaddafi.

For the upstaged acolyte back in Wisconsin, Darth Maul out of the Iowa hog lab had stolen his thunder with swine flu taking out the regime of Qui Gong Jin el-Gaddafi, the DIA agent gone rogue in the Tatooine desert west of Sirte. The ISIS offensive being brewed in Iraq and Syria also read like a list from AMRIID (US Army infectious diseases lab), low-grade bugs like Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, Chikungunya, Rift Valley fever, Dengue, Japanese encephalitis on down the sheet list.

The Spanish flu successor missed the spring 2011 deadline, arriving too late for the clandestine NATO "softening up" operation prior to the invasion of Libya. Disappointment was followed by consolation with the arrival of the MERS sample to Plummer’s lab. State-of-art imagining systems showed coronavirus tucked inside a glittery spherical capsule studded with bacteriophages, resembling sea-mines from WWII, or the more up-to-date baseball-size target drone for light-saber training that opened Luke’s vision to his subconscious mind. Close your eyes, Luke, trust the Force! That’s when any further mention of HIV-modification of flu disappeared from the journal records. If indeed the Saudi commission was completed in secret, the research fees would have constituted a slush fund for a decade of black research. The Force is generous, hee-hee, says Yoda.

Rail Splitter

The other design challenge was to equip the planned D-Day virus with a defensive shields against the human immune system. Farm animals, which graze outdoors in open pastures, are a reliable source of blood serum to counter various insect-carried and water-borne infectious diseases, and so the UW-Madison veterinary school in the heart of the "Cheese-head" state had plenty of resources in this category.

The lab research on M-tuberculosis, considered a high-risk pathogen that could threaten curd production for Velveeta, was an area speciality of Kawaoka’s colleague at the UW-Madison veterinary science program Dr. Gary Splitter, a tenured professor and, conveniently, a member of the research safety oversight committee. Splitter had served as one of two favorable reviewers of Kawaoka’s 1997 paper on his 1918-19 Spanish flu research (based on tissue samples exhumed from a frozen corpse in the Alaskan permafrost). In 2004 federal inspectors opened an investigation into Splitter’s unreported research activities on several contagious diseases including bovine TB, which led to his 5-year ban from the UW-H laboratories starting in 2013, prior to the NIH crackdown on gain of function research that increases the virulence of pathogens.

Following the ban, Splitter resumed his research, substituting bovine brucella to evade prohibition of his earlier tuberculosis experiments, to analyse its ability to penetrate the beast’s phagophage defenses and even replicate virions inside it, thereby capturing the proteins to coat viruses. That research exactly fits the profile of M-TB interference in COVID-19 against the human immune system’s primary defenses


Targeting the Security Council at the Wuhan military games

Since circumcised penises tend to be less vulnerable to urinary tract and testis infection, a legitimate question arises whether COVID-19 was designed to target non-Muslims at the CISM International Military Games at Wuhan in late October, involving 100 nations, with the notable exception of Japan and the UK, which have refused to join. A male-targeted biological agent is ideal for spreading an undetectable infectious agent, which would then blossom after the sports event into outbreaks at military bases across China, the United States, Russia and France, four of the Big Five permanent members of the Security Council. The result would have been worldwide havoc as rivalries between lesser nations spawn dozens of regional wars, enabling the reemergence of Imperial Japan and the Royalist UK as dominant world powers with military forces healthy and intact.

This grand slam operation was foiled, however, by the worst heatwave and drought in a half-century, delaying the usual late October flu season until mid-December, the very moment of the Wuhan seafood market outbreak. OK, so each and every piece fits this jigsaw, showing the difference between hysterical disinformation and this series that incorporates all the dates, places, species types, climatic conditions, geography, career biographies and microbiology spot on target, with the exception of some of the off-color jokes.


The Demise of Frank Plummer

In the topic of Plummer’s death, a notable doctor recently told me that deep brain stimulation is "ancient, something from the medieval past, not at all in step with current treatment of additive behavior." Well said, physician. DBS has its origins in electro-shock therapy developed for the MK-ULTRA program by Ewen Cameron, chief of the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal under CIA-MI6 contract. Perhaps Plummer had to be cleared of unpleasant memories related to his work before heading off to Kenya to study the vaginal biology of sex workers. So there goes, by the grace of God or the hand of the Devil, my interview of the grand old man of the NML.

My interest in NML is not about the married Chinese couple who were caretakers of the lab during one of Dr. Plummer’s relapses. Neither are trained in microbiology, the female director is a health administrator and her husband a lab technician with the Public Health Service. A hue and cry over their air shipment of four ebola samples to Beijing is inconsistent with the reality that the huge Chinese medical team in West Africa and the Congo region have immediate access to as many EBOV blood samples as they can harvest. I suppose that Dr. Plummer wanted Africa-veteran experts in China to look over his ebola samples to see if they were up-to-date or tampered with by pharmaceutical companies for vaccine development, since viruses can mutate away from their former structure during drug testing. It’s not a huge security violation just your average skirting around forms that tie the hands of researchers, which Plummer saw as an impediment to research.

Virus from the deep freeze

The collaboration between Plummer and Kawaoka went back to their hands-on research on the 1918-19 Spanish influenza virus, as shown by this excerpt from The New Scientist: "The latest work was done by Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His team showed that adding the 1918 gene for the surface protein haemagglutinin to modern viruses made them far deadlier to mice. The researchers also found that people born after 1918 have little or no immunity. The team started the work at the highest level of containment, BSL-4, at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. Then they decided the viruses were safe enough to handle at the next level down, and did the rest of the work across the border in a BSL-3Ag lab in Madison."

Right there, research collaboration between Plummer and Kawaoka, which somebody or the other was generously funding. "The main difference between BSL-4 and BSL-3Ag is that precautions to ensure staff do not get infected are less stringent. While BSL-4 involves wearing fully enclosed body suits, those working at BSL-3Ag labs typically have half-suits. Kawaoka told New Scientist that the decision to move down to BSL-3Ag was taken only after experiments at BSL-4 showed that giving mice the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) in advance prevented them getting sick. This means, he says, that if all lab workers take oseltamivir ‘they cannot become infected’." (That last assertion by Kawaoka is hogwash, since the mice must become infected as carriers to be research subjects. Infection does not necessarily equate with twitching in death throes, thanks to Tamiflu suppression of symptoms.)

Later, in a panel discussion, Plummer fended off WHO critics by defending Kawaoka’s decision to build a BSL-4 lab at UW-Madison for this research on the 1918-19 Spanish influenza virus against qualms expressed by a leading researcher at the World Health Organization. "We’re more comfortable working on it in a Level-4," Plummer said. When asked why, his response was "concerns about safety and being ultra-cautious".

Plummer’s lack of real enthusiasm, detectable in the brevity of his comments, indicates some discomfort and possible a degree of reluctance about pampering the Unit 731 wannabe on behalf of the Anglo-Japanese alliance on orders from Porton Down. I suppose Dr. Plummer found the outbreak in Wuhan to be regrettable and inconsistent with his hopes of banning the use of toxic agents. If that’s why he was terminated, then he was a brave hero.

I regret to say, due to the unfortunate circumstances in Nairobi, that I’ve missed my opportunity for a non-cleared conversation with Dr. Plummer over a pint of ale. My now-foiled purpose for meeting him was to ply his memory banks for anecdotes about the Nazi virologists coerced to work at the NML under Operation Matchbox, organized by MI-6 and DSTL. The German microbiologists made many unreported contributions to medical science along with a few rare mistakes including infecting the Wood Bison herds with anthrax. That’s just a minor chapter of science history of interest to only a handful of readers. I won’t be camping in Manitoba anytime soon, sad to say.

Dr. Frank, let me raise a dry martini to your heartfelt contribution to women’s liberation from boorish husbands and rude boyfriends like me, I salute you. God Save the Queen. Prost!


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