Hitler’s Vice Fuhrer’s final words at the Jewish kangaroo court at Nuremberg


[What a fine man he was, and what hideous treatment he got from Jewish Britain. But Jewish Britain has been murdering important people, since they poisoned Napoleon on St Helena. The British have sunk to the lowest levels of any white nation on earth.

Amazingly, I have a few British supporters, and I do support any whites in Britain willing to fight for whites, and their culture. I wish Britain could be 100% white again.

What Churchill and his filth did to Rudolf Hess, is a deep stain on British integrity. Just as low as the murder of Napoleon; not to mention the murder of Boer Women and Children after invading 2 Boer Republics in South Africa that posed no threat to the British Empire. They were driven, instead by Jewish greed, that emanated directly from the Rothschilds, the richest people on Earth, probably multi-trillionaires, but you will NEVER hear that mentioned ANYWHERE. Jan]

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