Hitler way ahead of his time: He left the United Nations (League of Nations) – My Comments

[In virtually everything, Hitler was way ahead of his time. Within 9 months of becoming the chancellor of Germany he left the league of nations. These days I read and watch and hear of all these Globalist things – where groups of people are meeting here and there regarding climate or other things. And nowadays I see this as Jewish/Elite/Globalist meddling in the affairs of nations. There are LOTS of things that I think Whites need to GET RID OF. I even look at wars and how journalists snoop around. There are lots of things that I think independent Whites should get rid of. And any kind of globalist groups coming into any nation should be KICKED OUT. This is merely the Jews and Elite coming to stick their noses into your business and begin telling you how to run your country or ORDERING YOU AROUND. This is the beginning of LOSING YOUR FREEDOM. UN people should never be allowed into a country. They should be arrested and thrown out. There are many things we Whites tolerate which we should NOT tolerate AT ALL. And Hitler was way ahead of his time on this. At the source link below is the letter the Germans used to notify the League of Nations that they are withdrawing. All Western Nations should abandon that disgusting thing the UN. Jan]


  • Withdrawal of Germany from the League of Nations. Letter from Konstantin von Neurath.


  • In October 1933, some nine months after Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, the German government announced its withdrawal from the League of Nations. The ostensible reason was the refusal of the Western powers to acquiesce in Germany’s demands for military parity. With this curt letter, dated October 19, 1933, Foreign Minister Konstantin Freiherr von Neurath informed the League of Nations secretary-general, Joseph Avenol, of Germany’s withdrawal.

Source: https://www.loc.gov/resource/gdcwdl.wdl_11598/?r=-0.035,0.266,1.115,0.66,0

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