Hitler was ANGRY… What will Europe be like in 100 Years or 1000 Years from now?

I came across an interesting incident that Hitler’s secretary wrote about. It had to do with Hitler tossing some Jews out of Holland and then someone came and complained to him about this. Hitler was furious and told the person to shut up. And in part of his answer to that person he posed the question: What will Europe be like 100 Years from now or 1000 Years from now?

I’ll pull this piece out of the book and make a video about it because it is excellent. It shows you how much he cared for the future of EUROPE as a whole. And he was thinking ahead.

I think he would have been HORRIFIED if he could see modern Europe and what the Jewish scum and their Liberal traitors are doing to Europe.

I don’t think, in Hitler’s worst nightmares, that he could have guessed what Europe would turn into.

Hitler DID KNOW that America was going to become a mixed race. He knew that. But I don’t think he ever believed Europe would do that – and definitely not in this way.

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