Hitler was an OPTIMIST and Oswald Spengler was a PESSIMIST about our future…


A quick note about something I stumbled on was that Hitler differed with Oswald Spengler the historian and philosopher who was very negative about the future of the West.

One thing that Spengler did predict, which I think will come true, is the rise of the Caesars. Spengler even said it would happen AFTER the year 2000. That is an amazing prediction. And I am certain that it will happen.

Trump may be the beginning of "proto-caesars". He’s too weak and too steeped in business and money to actually be an actual caesar. But I firmly believe THE CAESARS ARE COMING. This is my own viewpoint. So I think Spengler will be proven right.

But Hitler had differences with Spengler. And it appears to me that Hitler was what you could call and OPTIMIST. He said that a nation can be saved by the RAGING PASSION of the people.

Hitler would have been dead right, had it not been that the filthy Jewish scum contrived to get the entire world – almost – to fight Hitler.

So this is something I will be looking at in more detail.

But I have no doubt that once our people are motivated, and they understand the dangers and the threats, that they will kick and shove and fight until things come right for us.

Hitler was the LIGHT and the JEWS/BRITISH/AMERICANS were the darkness.

But that darkness has also descended on the idiotics nations like Britain who fought so that the LIGHT could be extinguished.

Assholes. And look at how they lost their entire Empire. The stupid British.

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