Hitler the Great: If only Hitler had time to tell HIS SIDE OF THE STORY … poor Hitler versus Napoleon


I am so pleased that I got Napoleon’s memoirs and can read an uncensored version of what one of the greatest European leaders had to say. In so doing, it saddens me that poor Hitler did not have the chance to speak his mind and that we only have bits and pieces of information about Hitler in his final days. I am delighted that Goering did get to speak on behalf of the Germans at the filthy, disgusting Nuremberg trials. I have endless admiration for Goering and those German leaders who lived through those disgusting trials. It was also very clever and realistic of Goering to rather take poison to cheat the Jewish hang-man’s noose. I have a very deep respect for what Goering did on behalf of Germans. Imagine if Hitler himself could have defended himself and the Germans.

But Hitler, like Goering, like Goebbels, knew that there is no future and no fairness at all in this Jewish kangaroo show. They knew, that DEATH was a CERTAINTY for them, just as Napoleon himself began to foresee. Himmler was silly and surrendered to the British, only to be beaten to death. The same and worse would have happened to Hitler and he knew it.

Now that I understand aspects of Napoleon’s life better, I agree with Leon Degrelle, that Hitler really deserves a certain very special place in European history. Hitler was a man who had nothing, and yet he achieved incredible things. Napoleon and others, like Caesar, or Frederick the Great or Prince Eugene, all had an edge of some kind on Hitler. But Hitler was just a common man who came from nowhere. He did wondrous things. He truly deserves his place in history.

The only people who will ever despise Hitler are the Jews. But anyone with even a fraction of a decency, would realise that Hitler was truly a great man, and, ultimately a GOOD MAN for WHITES and for EUROPE.

Incidentally, Napoleon also thought that Europe and Britain together could rule the world, much like the way Hitler thought that Germany and Britain could co-exist to the benefit of everyone.

So the only error that Napoleon and Hitler made, was in their decency towards that disgusting half-Jewish island, and trouble-maker of Europe, Britain.

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