Hitler, Jewish Spies, all Spies – Breakdown of Trust & White Survival – Driving Jews out…


[Another note to someone whom I was telling that the Alt-Right needs to drive Jews from out of their circles if they wish to progress. If we do not actively remove spies, we end up with big problems. I noticed that the World Jewish Congress is freaking out over the rise of … “anti-semitism” and they are advocating that people, whites only of course, must be put in jail for it.

Jewish spies must be driven out of all our circles. It is very necessary. Jan]

My note to someone:-

….But if you just keep my warning in the back of your mind, that’s all that matters. Don’t let out important things in the presence of such a person.

I have found from personal experience, and most of the white right here have also learned this, through struggle and pain, that we MUST keep our circles under control.

Everyone here functions in tight groups. People are kicked out or shunned. And it works both ways. I too have been shunned and kicked aside when people thought I was an enemy agent.
Its the only way to survive in a situation where there is a TOTAL BREAKDOWN OF TRUST.

I have not just notified you. I’ve notified everyone whom I trust. What they do is their business. But I’ve done my bit to issue a warning that’s all. That’s how I operate.

Over here I have learned to live on my wits. It is a very tricky situation.

If you look at the history of Germany, Hitler, etc. You’ll see they had to do the same thing. This is the only way that you rebuild trust, by forming relationships in small groups and then you build it. Trust is critical to whites. Our system functions on so much trust. Jews OTOH function permanently in low trust. Blacks too. And because of that, these peoples fail at many things that we succeed at.

But in military matters, because we are in a low-intensity type of political/cultural war, I assure you, military methods are the only ones. You even spy on your own people to ensure that they can be trusted. Building up trust is critical to functioning in difficult things. You cannot, for example, have an army that fights if there is low trust. It’s actually impossible. You have to ruthlessly hunt out people. Every Govt has counter-intelligence which spies on their own people. You cannot do this any other way.

One of our many reasons why we are so successful is because we are high trust. And I think it is a natural result of our warrior past and that warriors cannot function without trust. You cannot go into battle if your brothers don’t have your back.

If you think I’m bad with those of you outside South Africa, you have no idea how ruthless I am over here. I throw people aside, I am rude. I do things without explanation or apology. Its the only way that I’m able to function. …… And with regard to Hitler et al, I assure you, many things that Germans are blamed for … were things that were utterly unavoidable. It came about because when dealing with Jews there is no way to be nice. And the way things are, I think the Alt-Right, if it wishes to move forward, will have to actively and aggressively, drive Jews out of its ranks.

It is so amazing, yet understandable why we go in circles in life, and why certain patterns repeat over centuries, and its actually totally logical.

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