Hitler as a Young Man – His intense determination – Jews are total garbage

I’ve been reading a book about Hitler as a Teenarger, up until he was 20. Hitler had quite a sad life actually. Nothing was easy for him, and he really had nothing. But his sheer determination and intelligence, in the face of having no future, is astounding.

Jews are garbage, and when I see the story of Hitler, it incenses me. Hitler lived a life of hardship that was greater than any of these filthy Jews would know.

Yet Hitler did all he could even in the face of the impossible. As a teenager and young man, absolutely nothing was working for him.

The Jews will never tell you this, but Hitler kept his mind busy. He kept on learning and studying, by himself in libraries even though he had no actual opportunities. The intensity with which he tried to learn, by himself, is truly amazing. The Jewish garbage will of course try to pretend that Hitler was an idiot, but the total opposite is true. Hitler was extremely clever and he poured knowledge into his head as fast as he could even when there was no obvious benefit in it for him.

Almost everything Jews tell you about Hitler is a lie. Everything. He was a good man, with good intentions.

Jews will never stop talking shit about him.

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