Hitler and an old comrade from WW1: Balthasar Brandmayer

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[A reader told me about this. I was unaware of this friend of Hitler from WW1. Jan]

Balthasar Brandmayer (born September 15, 1892 in Götting near Bad Aibling, † January 23, 1960 in Putzbrunn near Munich ) was a companion of Adolf Hitler in the First World War . Brandmayer was best known for his memory book "Zwei Meldegänger" from 1932, in which he reports about his common war experiences with Hitler.

Life and work
After attending elementary school and an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, Brandmayer took part in the First World War from November 1914, where he served as regimental orderly ( registrant for regimental staff ) from May 1915 . From that time until a wound in May 1918, Brandmayer worked closely with Hitler. After his release from the Reichswehr in October 1918, he worked as a bricklayer in Bruckmühl .

Together with the publisher Heinz Bayer, Brandmayer wrote a book in 1932 about their shared experiences with Hitler during the war. On February 1, 1932, Brandmayer joined the NSDAP , found employment as a former war comrade for Hitler in the Deutsche Reichsbahn and from 1935 with the President of the Government for Upper Bavaria. In a letter dated October 19, 1939, from the Chancellery of the leader of the NSDAP, it was stated that "Brandmayer (…) is (is) one of the few who are allowed to use the comradely" Du "against the leader."

In 1937 Hitler Brandmayer gave 5,000 Reichsmarks (based on today’s purchasing power, adjusted for inflation: approx. EUR 21,700) "to clarify his entire economic situation". From April 1940, Brandmayer worked as an official at a district welfare office in Munich until May 1945. After 1945 he worked again as a bricklayer in Munich.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balthasar_Brandmayer

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