Hitler: A Good Aryan (White) can OUT-SWINDLE A JEW!!!

I nearly forgot to tell this story. I found this in Hitler’s Table Talk. It made me chuckle and I might even return to do a video on it later.

Hitler was talking to his staff and he was mentioning his banker, Schacht. When Hitler was explaining how his banker worked, Hitler was clearly expressing concern and even paranoia about Schacht. Hitler explained that he was dealing with Schacht, but Schacht was so sly and so cunning, that Hitler was getting very worried about whether Schacht was outwitting Hitler!!

It is clear that Schacht was very sharp, and it actually bothered Hitler. But after Hitler’s quite long discussion about Schacht, Hitler then ended by telling his staff that a good Aryan, like Schacht, was easily able to OUT-SWINDLE a Jew!!!


So there you have it, from the Fuhrer himself! We can outwit and out-cheat the JEWS … if we need to for our own purposes!!!

And when I watch the paranoia of the Jews, I am sure that there are many times when Jews thought they had Whites CORNERED … and that the Whites can’t get out of the TRAP, and then to their utter HORROR the Whites do!!

Hitler is himself an example of an Aryan who outwitted the Jews. He nearly beat them all!

But that story about Schacht is very funny actually.

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