Hero KYLE RITTENHOUSE and Plenty of Video Proof. Pt1 – My Comments

[Excellent stuff. Kyle Rittenhouse was a genuinely good young man. He was fantastic. The kid should not spend a day in jail. He is just more proof of what whites can do. What a fantastic young white American, whom all white Americans should be VERY PROUD OF and should support to the hilt. If we had a new generation of young whites like this, we would clean up the Western world FAST. Save whites. Save white civilization. Jan]

First, he ran away, not wanting to shoot anybody. But when the enemy physically attacked him, he pulled the trigger. Down went an enemy jew dead. Down went another enemy jew dead. Down went another enemy jew wounded.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17 years old, put the enemy down, unlike tens of thousands of our armed men who keep letting the enemy tell them

  • where they can protest,
  • where they can assemble,
  • where they can speak,
  • how long they can assemble,
  • how long they can speak,
  • what they have to wear,

and never fire a shot! Our armed men, even when assembled, don’t take back any enemy-infested state capitols, any enemy-infested government offices, any enemy-infested media offices.

Why do they assemble at all? All they do is ask the eternal enemy to act like good White people — an impossibility. They huff and puff, and ask, and get rejected, and go home to their tv and beer. “I did my part,” some of them say, with a burp and a fart.

Kyle Rittenhouse, at 17 not officially a man yet, apparently with no knowledge of jews nor the reality of race on Earth, put himself in harm’s way to protect the good against the vile, violent, enemy of the good.

Ultimately, instead of caving like tens of thousands of his elders, he pulled the trigger and put the enemy down.


Now, he needs real White men in his hometown area in Illinois to protect him, to free him, and to put down all the enemies who try to take Kyle Rittenhouse’s life away.

He also needs to be taught about jews and the reality of race on Earth. He didn’t know it, but he killed two of the enemy jews and wounded a third. No matter that it was total self-defense. The jews will try to kill him. He will die young by some kind of “accident,” or poison, or outright and overt murder — unless he becomes aware of the true enemy, jewry, and their methods before the jews greenlight the hit.

Are there any real White men other than the mere handful I know scattered far and wide across North America?

“Who the ‘f’ am I,” you ask?

I’m Jim Laffrey, that’s who.


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