Health Advice from my supporters: Carnivore Diet, Massive Vitamin D doses, Oily Fish, Red Meat & more…


This is from my video:


There is some Dr Linus Pauling stuff I still need to post.

Some fascinating comments from my video viewers and my own comments:-

I have been eating the carnivore diet for two weeks, it is like Atkins diet, but high fat meat only?

Then feedback later:
I try carnivore is not sustanable diet and had problems going number #2 i prefer a balanced diet these days and great video.

My reply:
Thank you so much for the feedback. Even though our ancestors hunted large numbers of Mammoths and elephants, it seems that our base diet is still plants, but not plants alone. I was looking at other stuff from Dr Linus Pauling Institute, which I still need to post. There definitely is a need for a balanced diet. There are some things we need critically, including: oily fish, some red meat and also some milk. There are critical things which we cannot go without.

A lady wrote:
I’ve been throwing a whole lemon in with other vegetables for years. I also throw in grapefruit skins and the pits from avocados and mangos. I adjust the bitterness by throwing in some apples. I also use banana peels in my shake which I heard is good for depression. You can also use watermelon skins in the blender or cook with them. I only buy organic and clean the skins very well

My reply:
This is fascinating. Wow. You throw the skins into your veggies! This is fascinating. Feel free to tell us more. I am finding myself using natural foods as much as possible. No tinned stuff. I stay away from processed food. I can even feel myself suddenly getting phlegm if I eat things I should not and I begin coughing right away. This is definitely an allergy to things. My main allergy is wheat. So I stay far away from it.

Another supporter:
Hello J.L
I don’t know if you mentioned,in order for vit D to be absorbed properly,you need magnesium.
Vit D 5000 IU
3 X a week with magnesium is a good combo.
Any excess vit D does not build up in your system or cause any probs,as far as we know.
My high thyroid function keeps me stick-like & with low vit D
I buy vit D from the USA.
Maybe the website you talk about is:
I love cakes too!

My reply:

Thanks for this info. Let me post your comments and some of the others. I discovered, when I checked with the white lady who runs the pharmacy I get my meds from, how much Vitamin D my doctor gives me … and to my astonishment, I’ve been on a dose of 50,000 IU for quite a number of years now! I was taking it every 10 days, which means I was getting 5,000 IU per day. But strictly speaking the actual dosage the white doctors are dishing out here in SA is 50,000 IU per 7 days, which means: 7,000 IU per day, and they do it casually to lots of people! With this silly virus, I thought, let me rather stick with the actual dose I should be taking: 7,000 IU per day!

I also take a lot of magnesium, also prescribed by the doctor.

Alex Linder was also telling me about sugar, and how bad sugar is for you. Sugar f*cks up your body in so many ways.

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