Great Reader’s comment: Disgusting Jewish vermin destroyed Germans, then moved to USA – Jewish female sluts


[I enjoyed these comments from a reader in the USA about the Jews. They are a race of pure shit. What they did to the Germans, they will do to white Americans. I can see how the USA is being turned into a Jewish/Black hell hole. Whites in America might be trying very hard NOT TO HATE … but in the end you will learn that you MUST HATE or else you will lose your country and everything else. Jan]

The reader wrote:

"My Boyfriend just brought GERMAN Potato Salad from The jew FRAUD supermarket, I’m thinking to Myself how The jew Cannibal Savagely and Sneakerly ATE those WHITE GERMAN PEOPLE and then CRAWLED into America in the late 1960s, Opening GERMAN Restaurants How these DISGUSTING VERMIN jews STOLE GERMANY’S Identities. The jew PARASITES MUST Be CONTROLLED. I find The female jew SLUTS ARE The Most VILE JEALOUS Criminal CIRCUS SLUTS , POSING as teachers while SEXUALLY HUNTING the Unsuspecting WHITE CHILDREN . I Always see the SNEAKY jew CIRCUS SLUT Whispering in her (cousin-brother-rabbi-fathers HUSBANDs ears the jew SLUT NEEDS to Be Taken Out First and The jew Queer men and rabbi’s Will Be CONTROLLED Much Easier………."

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