Germany: #TeamWhite: Alfred Schaefer’s first letter from Jail – All us Whites are in this TOGETHER!


[Alison Chabloz was kind enough to send me this letter which she got from Alfred. Alfred’s news is great. What I’m happy about is that Alfred regrets nothing. He totally believes in his cause. I am even more delighted that he has spoken to a Scottish guy and told him that all us whites are in this together! I’m so delighted to hear that Alfred has helped this Scottish guy who was close to suicide!

NO WHITE MAN OR WOMAN MUST EVER TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Everyone is precious and everyone must stand with each other. We are after all #TeamWhite.

Furthermore, if we’re not #TeamWhite yet, it is our DUTY to each other and our race to BECOME #TeamWhite, meaning we must stand together at all costs. Whites don’t run. Whites don’t surrender. Whites must FIGHT!!! Jan]

August 1, 2018

Alfred Erhard Schaefer

Stadelheimer Str. 12

81549 Munich


Dear Alison (Chabloz) (Letter #1)

Thank you so much for your letter dated 18th July. It came through in 14 days. Not bad. Monica and I are both delighted with our progress at the Inquisition. There has been a very clear change in how the “court” is not treating both of us. They are all receiving a deep education which will make it impossible to feign ignorance when all is said and done. We are still a long ways off from a verdict, and we will take all the time it takes to ensure that all participants understand the significance of what is at stake. 

I am infinitely happy that Jez Turner gave me the opportunity to talk about psychological warfare in the summer of 2016 at the London forum. And now he too sits behind bars. No matter how many of us they do put behind bars, the truth cannot be stopped! There is not one single move that I have made that I regret. Not one! Even Stadelheim Prison is a priceless experience, and I am so happy to be able to share my work with a panel of Judges. We have gone from total disgust and disrespect for each other to a certain level of respect. 

In Germany, as in most “civilized” countries, there are laws that make it a criminal offence to, for example, walk past a burning house without calling the alarm. All of my work is “calling the alarm.” The level of the awakening here in Germany is phenomenal. I do believe that the ongoing invasion is a catalyzing force.

Here in prison I have learned the incredible feeling it is when all of the people at a Hof Gang (the hour of Courtyard walk) are dark people and the thrill one experiences if there is a white face that speaks German.

I met a 20-year-old Scott who was close to suicide for his frustration here in Stadelheim. I happened to get locked into the same waiting cell with him on one of my court days. He was unable to communicate with anyone. I reassured him that we Europeans are in this together and that Germany, like the UK, is occupied. London has a Pakistani mayor. How shameful is that? I have not met one German in this prison who is not quite well informed. Everyone seems to know. The young Scotsman was very happy for the time we had to talk. 

In this time of totalitarian ugliness and zero tolerance for truth and Common Sense, we have no choice but to do we are doing. 

Thank you, Alison, for being in this struggle. In the end we will win. The revulsion for those now in power will sweep them away. 

Best regards, Alfred Schaefer.

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