Germany lost 30% of its territory: German disadvantages in Hitler’s time – stripped of Colonies & land area

[One of my readers wrote this comment about the Germans. I agree with the reader that Germany set out to colonise the world. Hitler did demand actual colonies outside of Europe in his points from 1920. But when he ruled he merely wanted to hang on to German territory in Europe. ALL Hitler's moves, from what I can see, were military moves that were definitely needed for German survival, except on the occasions when he went to help his allies like Italy. Every "invasion" – be it Austria, Denmark, France, Norway, etc – had a real reason. It either wasn't an invasion (e.g. Austria), or it was a firm necessity of war. He did not intend going on adventures – BUT AT ALL TIMES HITLER KNEW THE IMPORTANCE OF BUILDING A STRONG ARMY BECAUSE IN THE END THAT IS ALL ONE HAS. Hitler, I must add, knew that his system was so good that in time National Socialism could conquer the world. It showed its real power.But his enemies attacked him long before he made any moves on them. Even the Russian campaign was a pre-emptive strike. That is very clear. Jan]

The reader wrote these items:-

6:04 p.m., Friday Jan. 8

Teutonic-beauty wrote:

Hallo, Jan – Wie geht es ihnen? I know that you are extremely busy, but I just wanted to make a point on how Germans were stripped of all of Her colonies (they did not have nearly as many as the British nor even the French), and not only that, if you include the land that poland stole, Germany lost 30% of her soil, but also Alsace-Lothrigen, Konigsberg, Memel (went to Lithuania), the Germans also lost Eupen-Malmedy, South Tyrol, and lost land to Denmark! I hate when the jews and their evil partners continuously lie, and say that Germany had SO many colonies, and that my people wanted to take over the world! Where is the justice for Germans? I will tell you, there is none!

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