Germans are fleeing from Germany…


A man was telling me his daughter was leaving Germany to live in Sweden. Then he remarked that Germans are fleeing Germany because Germany isn’t FREE.

I’ve been aware of this for quite some time and quite a long time ago I published an article about Germans fleeing Germany, especially to other nearby countries. I think Hungary is one of their destinations.

This is something to keep watching because this shows you how sick to death they are of the "New Germany" created by the dumb allied from WW2 where a German has no freedom.

What is most important is that Germans are opening their MINDS. Their minds and views … that is what is critical. It does not matter where they are. They will eventually create a free Germany, and the rest of us will help them!!!!

I remain interested in this topic if anyone has additional information in the future on both the Germans leaving Germany, but also the Germans awakening. I’m so delighted by that.

Good things may come from this. Now, Whites will WORK TOGETHER like never before!


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