FUNNY HISTORY: Who is the true representative of God? The Mongol Khan or the Pope?


While listening to a show about the history of Russia and the role of the Mongols therein, I came across something that really made me laugh. This shows clearly the attitude of other races to the concept of POWER. Only Whites believe in the (junk Jewish) concept of "Guilt". The Asians and Blacks, in their natural state don’t understand this stuff and don’t care. As I will show you below.

The Pope existed back then and of course the Pope claimed to be God’s representative on Earth. But there were important Mongols who settled in the South of Russia, known as The Golden Horde. They played a major power game in controlling Russia for quite some time.

The leader of the Mongol Empire at the time was Guyuk Khan. (Ghengis Khan was already dead by then).

The Mongols, had conquered the greatest Empire in the history of the World and would eventually begin invading Europe. Just to show you that the world was quite organised, even 700 years ago, the Pope wrote a letter to the Khan. The Pope explained to him that he was the true representative of God on Earth and he told the Khan that he should become baptized and he should become a Christian. The Pope wrote the letter in 1245. Here is the wikipedia link to the letter:

The Khan wrote a letter back to the Pope in 1246. Below is a very short video of the letter written back to the Pope. The Khan’s reply is here on wikipedia:

In the Khan’s reply he explained which parts of the letter he did not understand. The Pope had tried the Christian guilt trip on the Khan. The Pope had asked him, "what did those two nations do to you?, whom you had conquered?" The Khan did not understand the concept of GUILT. He did not need to have been "wronged" in order to conquer someone. He had the power to conquer, and so there was nothing wrong with conquest. NOTE: Whites in pre-Christian times thought in EXACTLY the same way. Pre-Christian Whites saw CONQUEST as a very high achievement.

The Khan basically indicated to the Pope, that his conquests WERE PROOF THAT HE WAS GOD’S TRUE REPRESENTATIVE. He said, that he could not have conquered all these peoples if God was not on his side! He thus fobbed off the Pope’s claims that he was representative of God!!! He told the Pope that the Pope should lead, and bring with him the other European Princes and SUBMIT HIMSELF to the Khan, and pay homage and taxes to the Khan! Hehehehe. The junk Jewish concept of Guilt, had no meaning to him!



Here’s the short video, it’s 4 minutes long, you can listen to the Khan’s reply:

Here is some of the ext version of the letter, but the video above is more important:

"You must say with a sincere heart: "We will be your subjects; we will give you our strength". You must in person come with your kings, all together, without exception, to render us service and pay us homage. Only then will we acknowledge your submission. And if you do not follow the order of God, and go against our orders, we will know you as our enemy."

I want to warn Whites, that you don’t understand other races in their NATURAL STATE. In their natural state they WORSHIP POWER, and if they should have it, they will be ruthless. Luckily for us, we, Whites, mostly have POWER, raw military power and thus they don’t dance on our corpses. But I’m warning you, you don’t understand other races. Never listen to the Jews. It could get us all KILLED. The Blacks in Africa also, in their past, bowed down to the most powerful and ruthless chiefs. There was no morality. The only "morality" is POWER. It’s the same as the Khan in 1246.

Nothing has changed, and don’t believe, for a SECOND, that humans have changed.

We Whites are kind to others and extend our hands of friendship and even open all our society to others. WE ARE INSANE. We are the ONLY ones who will do this. If the shoe was on the other foot, we’d be killed or enslaved. I’m not joking. I did publish a short article on my website about the 17 million or so Whites from Eastern Europe who were sold as slaves to the Muslims, and all the White men were castrated. It’s here:

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