From the Reverend Matt Hale in Prison: QUOTE, TEARING DOWN STATUES – My Comments


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[I always enjoy seeing things coming from Matt. Matt was thoroughly set up and ended up in prison for 40 years for no reason. What happened to him is dreadful, and like what happens to the majority of Whites in jail these days … he definitely did not deserve it. If America was SANE, Matt Hale would be a HERO. Jan]

Friends and supporters: Matt sent this quote regarding the tearing down statues and monuments. Destroying the past is a vision of our future. Ms. H

"It seems that statues and other memorials to Negroes are starting to be defaced or torn down around the country as I recently read in the USA Today newspaper. The reason is simple. If you set a precedent for the tearing down of monuments to those people whom you don’t like, you might inadvertently be setting a precedent for the tearing down of monuments to those people whom you DO like. Or, in simpler terms, what goes around comes around."
Matthew F. Hale

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