From Optimism to Darkness: About Jews Vs Hitler & Whites: Ugly Jewish art & music (Jazz music)


A reader wrote to me about Art and finding “Modern art” (i.e. Jewish inspired garbage) hideous.

I wrote this reply:

I am not artistically inclined, I just go with whatever appears beautiful to me. And for me “modern art” and art by blacks, etc, etc has always been ugly.

I like things that are natural. I like what Hitler painted. There is a LOT of beauty in the world and in art. I don’t see the need for ugliness.

But I now see it as Jews making us used to degeneracy, because whenever Jews are involved, the trend is downwards, and that is even more so with the determination of the Jews to use blacks as weapons against us.

If you will watch movies produced by Jews about the future, you’ll also notice that movies and cartoons from the 1950s-1960s were very upbeat and looking forward to a great future, whereas in recent times the future as depicted in Hollywood is dark and hideous. That civilisation and progress leads to chaos. This is utter hogwash of course. It is only that way because of Jews and communists.

BTW, I always hated Jazz music. And in recent years I learned that Jews were behind it.

I find that anything that I find naturally beautiful, is always opposed by Jews, and no doubt, most, if not all whites naturally are repulsed by the same things.

In our natural state we find non-white stuff hideous, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Our taste is our taste, and quite frankly, I think its the best.

Isn’t is incredible that Hitler is spurned as a monster … when in fact, he was exceptionally intelligent? We’re heading down the same path again, Whites and Jews clashing again.

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