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About the email debacle. I’m watching and monitoring the situation several times per day, and sometimes I need to make fixes or tweaks to my programs.

I have an online mail server that is busy cleaning up the mailing lists as much as is allowed per day. It’s gone through about 40% of the emails. It will take about 2 weeks to finish this process.

I also have a dedicated PC at home that I’m using to try to assist in the sending out of emails.

The whole process is limited by the "punishments" that are dealt out by Google, Yahoo and other mail servers. If I send too much stuff too fast, or there is some "error" (by their judgement) then they punish me and stop the emails altogether.

So it’s a tricky dance as I learn the rules. But I’m getting there.

I’m trying each week to speed up the number of emails that go out each day. This is working. But the process is slow.

Fixing and improving emails so that I can get emails to everyone will take months.

I’m determined to do it.


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