From Germany: Reiner Füllmich – the installed, controlled opposition?

Friends, critics and fellow thinkers!
Since the previously unknown lawyer appeared at the Querdenker events, I have been asking myself: "Who prominently installed it there and who actually finances his and the lateral thinkers anti-corona campaign?"

After it became known that Füllmich co-founded another "party" (the base), his actions are actually completely clear to me. To fragment the resistance to the government measures as small as possible, instead of supporting a powerful community. is the target of the ruling political mafia.

Filling me is of course just as clear as you and me that all the submitted so-called. "Lawsuits" are pure placebos. All courts in the western pandemic states belong to the system of the Jewish-globalist deep state and even if a judge should step out of line and accept a lawsuit, it will not result in an enforceable judgment against a politician or pharmaceutical giant. What’s the saying about the crows?

And now what is actually always to be expected when a party is founded – if benefits are to be expected: "DieBasis" wants to be elected to the BuTag in the fall, because the nationwide public relations work on demos is only good. In the BuTag, millions wave as "party funding", fat diets and privileges and, above all, you can of course manage and maintain the protest against the existing system of looting and slavery in a set tone – you have reached your goal.
However, the founders of the party are already fighting like street dogs over the found carcass and that of course arouses skeptics: The lateral thinker movement has now finally unmasked itself with these actions. Do not allow yourself to be abused by these deceptions any longer. Seek common ground with true resistance – for survival and a future worth living for our children and their children!

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