From: Germany: Outspoken Doctors: The Covid Vaccine will kill people


[One of my readers in Germany sent me this. This is the English translation. Jan]

Forwarded lost property:

Below is an excerpt from the entire article. I or we can only hope that Dr. Cokeman is wrong. We can only escape fate if we do not get tested or vaccinated. In any case, we should take the prophecy seriously.

British virologist: "All vaccinated will start dying in the fall" | Michael Mannheimer Blog By Michael Mannheimer, May 27, 2021. Governments became murderers of their own peoples. The present article comes from the pen of the English virologist Dr. Vernon Coleman, whom I wrote a few days ago in his article “Dr. Coleman: "Why and how they plan to kill seven billion people" had their say.

The global Covid-19 vaccination program is a death vaccination wanted by the “elites” The following article by Coleman is not all pessimistic. It is, what the circumstances under which Corona was invented by the so-called elites and especially what the lethality of the vaccine, which is sold to the outside world as the only salvation from an unprecedented pandemic, is downright disastrous. His conclusion on the vaccinations, which, as we know, are an injection of a biological warfare agent, is: All vaccinated people will begin to die in the fall. That is why Coleman said of the following article: “This is the most important article you will ever read. You have to share it. "

With this dire prediction, Dr. Coleman by no means not alone. He is therefore on the same statement as the virologists like Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, "one of the most knowledgeable and outspoken doctors in the country about the negative effects vaccines can have on health" (source). Tenpenny writes: "COVID vaccines are perfectly constructed killing machines … people who have received this vaccination will die within the next few months or within the next year" (source) Irish virologist and molecular biologist Professor Dr. Commenting on vaccination, Cahill at University College Dublin says, "People over 70 who get one of these mRNA vaccines are likely to die within two to three years," "If you’re in your thirties and taking the mRNA vaccine, you will." die within five to ten years. In addition, you are likely to suffer from allergies, neurocognitive disorders and inflammation … "" If the vaccinated comes in contact with the wild coronavirus a few months after vaccination, their immune system will in many cases react with a deadly cytokine storm. This is because the vaccine mRNA genetically modifies the body’s cells so that they produce the coronavirus spike protein. If a new coronavirus later activates the immune system, it recognizes the self-produced spike proteins as a danger and starts a major attack against its own body cells. As a result, those vaccinated suffer septic shock with multiple organ failure, which usually ends in death. "

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