FROM GERMANY: Monika Donner: We have a duty to resist the Corona dictatorship

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[Warnings about those Anglo-American Globalisers … no doubt including the Jews. Jan]

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Monika Donner: We have a duty to resist the Corona dictatorship 70 minutes

The lawyer Monika Donner is a strategic analyst and works in the Austrian Ministry of Defense. In the interview she says: “There is a total war going on against our natural foundations of life.” And it all began long before the “Corona dictatorship”, according to Donner, with the “great catastrophe of World War I”, caused by Anglo-American globalizers .

In an interview with AUF1 editor-in-chief Stefan Magnet, she names the last phase on the way to global power centralization: 1. The smashing of the nation states 2. The disintegration of the ethnic group in order to make a united resistance impossible 3. Fight against the individual.

Monika Donner is of the opinion that the chaos that is now coming can mean a great opportunity for humanity. And she reminds us that state officials also have a “duty to resist” against illegal orders. In the ministry, she is made ready for her system-critical stance, but that does not stop the experienced lawyer from shying away.

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