From Alice Frischmann of Smoloko: There are problems with your proposals…


[This is just one of many exchanges I’ve had with Alice. I will be posting various responses from her to me and from me to her. Here she is raising some questions about our problems as a people and why we will need Non-White Allies:-

Jan, the problem is how to have a SOLUTION, because the theories of a beautiful world are so many. When I read your texts, I feel you address White people as if they are free people who can choose this or that. You know well that Whites can do nothing in this Jewish run system. Look for example to Americans, after 20 years of 911, the majority of them still think that a man from the cave did that.

We are missing here the real problem, it is not the Blacks or Arabs or non-Whites, it is the Jews, once we solve their problem, we can then solve the problem of Blacks and Arabs or Muslims…. We can do nothing unless we break the Jewish power structure. The fantasy of having White global unity or maybe colonialism again or maybe sending White troops to save White South Africans…. cannot become true unless we remove the Jewish matrix of power.

And I believe that cannot be done by Whites alone, neither the stopping of WHite Genocide. The jews use non-Whites against us to hide behind them, to shift the blame on them. Now we can try to explain to the world that the real problem is the Jews and hopefully many non Whites will support us, same as this Iranian Woman.

In fact we are a minority already in our ancestral lands with the young segment of population. Most of the Whites in Europea are above 50 years old. More than 50% of Native Euroepans are old

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