Filthy Jewish Kosher Slaughter should be BANNED in all Western Countries – My Comments

[One of my readers wrote this comment about the hideous Jew in the USA who had a kosher slaughter empire in the USA. I hate Kosher slaughter. Hitler banned it. Whites in Europe have banned it in the time of Hitler and even now. All of us agree this is a needless amount of cruelty. Whites have a certain empathy for animals, and the role of animals in our history is itself important. One to return to. But for now, Race Wars is the most important topic for me. There is much to discuss that whites need to know on that topic. Jan]

My supporter left this comment:
Modern kosher slaughter is disgustingly cruel abuse and is pure torture of animals. It should be banned everywhere along with halal slaughter. Inventing the torture devices that are used in kosher slaughter today is not something to be proud of. What a monster that Rubashkin was. May he rot in hell for eternity.

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