Fighting on against the (Jewish/Black shitbags) removal of White American monuments… – My Comments


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[ALL whites will find themselves fighting for their nations, culture, etc as we come under endless attack. I'm glad to see these southerners fighting on! That's how it will be. There will be no rest for whites. Just harden yourself and dive into the battle. Jan]

We Fight On!

0a5281ff-d47e-49c1-a48f-55287dabe029.png We have been heavily engaged in Monument Legal defense since 2015 when the Jefferson Davis & Woodrow Wilson statues were removed from the main mall of of the University of Texas campus. the fight continued in 2017 when under the pernicious unconstitutional doctrine of so-called "government speech." 4 more statues were removed from the UT Campus and the 121 yr old Travis Park Confederate Monument in San Antonio was taken down by the elected vandals on the City Council. 2 federal lawsuits ensued that were both dismissed by the courts saying the SCV & citizen taxpayers were improper parties to sue. The cases were consolidated and sent to the 5th Circuit – who agreed with the lower courts. so more briefing & we filed a Writ of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court.

On Monday 05 OCTOBER, the Supreme Court ended our bid to expand standing to sue in Monument cases (state & federal) with one word: DENIED! We needed 4 justices to think the issue was important enough for further briefing & oral argument. NO – can’t be bothered. We are disappointed at the extreme short-sightedness of "conservative" members of the court. WE were not wrong and the Supremes were NOT right!
We have 3 cases on monuments in Dallas, Texas – 2 of which fall under a Dallas ordinance that provides standing to Dallas taxpayers to contest Monument removal!
SO WE FIGHT ON! In a dishonest age it is a revolutionary act to put our government opponents shameful acts on the record and under oath. Filing lawsuits and access to the court is still open to and is non-violent AND the Courts are not shooting us & our clients over the top of the bench – Yet! SO WE FIGHT ON! We need a better PR system of taking information on our court fights to the American People, not just the Confederate Community.
Our brothers & sisters in 4 Florida lawsuits FIGHT ON! Maybe the aftermath of the upcoming election circus may reshape the judicial / political landscape. Meanwhile, we will continue to do our duty!

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