FAIL: FAIL: JEWISH/LIBERAL MASS MEDIA HAS FAILED: Banning Trump across all the Jewish Social Media has FAILED big time


I am absolutely amazed at how easy it is for Trump to function. He is functioning perfectly even without a single social media account. He is able to just write letters and in his letters he even openly reminds people that he got 75 million votes, the most of any sitting President and then he attacks people and his stuff is spread immediately by our own media!

We don’t need the the Mass Media.

His Lawyer, who is of Dutch descent, attacks a PBS hack when he was interviewed. He was freaking awesome. He spat in her face literally.

Trump does not have a social media account and he is functioning PERFECTLY and his message is moving with ease.

The billionaires are screwed. All the attempts to silence Trump have FAILED. FAILED MISERABLY AND TOTALLY.

So if Trump should do anything more, like getting active in other ways… this is going to be enormous.

I see that the dumber than a rock, bag of shit, Biden is busy with a purge of the US military. Biden, the piece of crap, is purging WHITES from the Military.

The Jewish house of cards is not functioning well.

I can’t wait to see how the next four years goes.

After the nasty, sneaky, stolen election and assorted crookery and lying … the fact is that OUR INFORMAL MEDIA IS KICKING ASS.

Videos and articles are popping up everywhere with Trump stuff.

The Billionaires and the Mass Media just cannot stop things.

Trump may have more power than ever before. He also does not need to abide by many rules since he is a private citizen.

This is just amazing.


The Liberals are trying to land their best punches.

Biden is going to rip Whites out of the US Military – that will NOT GO DOWN WELL.

White Revolution is coming…

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