EXPOSED: Jared Taylor: A Jew-loving Racist with links to the Jewish Secret Police: ADL

[On Gab a guy called Skeptische Hund (Skeptical Dog!) was spreading this important info. I have even heard that Jared’s wife might be Jewish – I’m not sure. Anyhow, Jared is an “upper class” guy who is making racial thinking acceptable. However, he’s surrounded by Jews. I knew a Jew in Johannesburg who wrote for him and supported him. So here you have Jews backing a white guy to say racial things … as long as he does not say anything about THE JEWS!!! That’s always the deal! Don’t expose the Jews! So he can attack Blacks and Muslims … but he can’t say a word about Jews! For him Jews are “white”. Therein lies the huge problem!

We whites in Rhodesia and South Africa also thought of the Jews as WHITE. We thought of them as Whites with a different religion to the “norm” of Christianity! Therein lies the trap.

Jared is big pals with Dan Roodt in South Africa who is deeply in with the Jews, and he has Jewish friends like the lying Jewess Ilana Mercer from South Africa. Jared is also big pals with Simon Roche of the Suidlanders.

So Jared also had links to the Jewish secret Police of the USA, the ADL. That to me is very despicable. If you are willing to help the Jews to hunt down whites … then that makes you a race traitor. Liberals are the highest form of race traitor among whites. They are the most aggressive and confident of all the race traitors. I think the lowest action that any white can take is to assist Jews in spying on or hunting down other whites. That to me is despicable. Assisting our enemies to harm our own kind, even if it is just by giving them information, is hideous.

NB: Jared Taylor says that Apartheid was “unjust”. I have a totally different view of the matter. I think Apartheid was in fact a very sound idea which dove-tails nicely with National Socialism. I have more to say about Apartheid and why I have no problem with it. Jan]

NB: This is from Michael Collins Piper who did excellent work for our race and who died under mysterious circumstances. He exposed the Jews many times:

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