EXCELLENT: Zionist Myths Examined – From an American Christian Pastor who went to Israel decades ago

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[This is EXCELLENT: This is a sermon that was given by a Christian Pastor in America, who was well acquainted with Israel. He explained many things. It is jam packed with facts you've never heard before. It's a few pages of excellent reading. Jan]

The American Mercury Magazine was published by Willis Carto from 1966 through 1979. It was founded by the famous H.L.Mencken in 1922 and was published under various ownerships after Mencken retired.

Zionist Myths Examined
A sermon delivered in the Unitarian Church of Long Beach, California
How long can Israel victimize the world and command its support by cleverly peddling myths as truths?

Nixon has said in private that there are a lot of things the American public doesn’t know about the Middle East, and ought to,” wrote columnist Flora Lewis recently in the Long Beach Press-Telegram. “He seemed to chafe at the domestic political issue pressures on this foreign policy issue.”

Rabbi Elmer Berger, a founder of the non-Zionist American Council for Judaism, has penned: ” ..there is the consistent practice of suppression of hard information about the Middle East by virtually all agencies of the United States government with any competence (particularly political) in the (Middle East) area (See Anything But the Truth, William McGaffin & Erwin Knoll, Putnam, N.Y. 1968, pp. 15-16, 76 ff.).”

As this sermon progresses you will begin to understand why governmental, our political, communications and even business institutions have felt the cold hand of censorship, threats or defamation in such a manner as to produce this dangerous shortage of necessary information. Within this domestic knowledge vacuum, myth information has been assiduously cultivated. Sadly, many kindly and highly intelligent persons have accepted the available materials as objective truth….

In total there are 6 pages to read. It’s excellent, here’s the source link: https://willisacartolibrary.com/2023/11/29/zionist-myths-examined/a

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