Excellent work being done by European Heritage Association in USA…


I got this note on Gab from the excellent guys at: European Heritage Association@NJEHA

the cuck mayor of this town has previously called the FBI and Homeland Security when we have posted propaganda. So we like to twist his tail from time to time. He has been in office for over thirty years and is a total shit lib weasel. He bellowed that we picked the wrong town to recruit in.

I replied to them:

@NJEHA What a piece of shit he is. Excellent work. Let me post a quick note about this on my site: historyreviewed.com – Just carry on doing your excellent work. We must all just carry on. I’m busy trying to teach Boers and other whites here in SA about Jews, Hitler, etc. Its critical stuff. Keep watching my website … new things coming: (1) My little online shop (2) Don’t miss the Dr Verwoerd stuff – and the Jews in South Africa – fucking scum.

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