EXCELLENT SIGN: Liberalism/Diversity OVERLOAD: When White men can’t take it any more… GATVOL

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[This is from a discussion I had with a Canadian man and also with an American man who at one time served in the US Air Force. It turns out that other White males, more or less my age, have also had big guts full of this diversity/multiracial crap. While having our discussion, the one man said he had a unique career, and people have come to him and offered him money to do some work in his career, and he basically told them to fck off. They ask him what he is doing, and he says: "I'm preparing for War". Then my American, ex-US Air Force, friend told me that he has the same problem. People come to him and he also tells them he's no longer interested. I told them, that I too, could have returned to my career at the end of 2016, after the non-Whites and White Liberal weaklings had driven me out. But I no longer cared. I wanted to continue with my racial stuff. With my websites and my videos. So all 3 of us had no problem returning to our former careers if we wanted. But we DON'T WANT TO! RACE is more important to us. Here is some of what we discussed, and how it came up. For me, hearing this, from guys I know pretty well, is a great sign. Morale, and determination and motivation is very important. I chuckled and I told the guys that if that's how the 3 of us feel, there must be many millions, very likely TENS OF MILLIONS of other White males out there who feel the same way. This is a fabulous sign. It tells me that one day, White males, will just tear this Liberal Diversity crap system to fcking pieces. We'll rip this thing down and tear it to shreds. THE WHITE MALE, WILL COME BACK … and those who try to stop him, will have a nice funeral afterwards. Jan]

My ex-USAF friend wrote:

I’m the same way Jan.

He quoted from the Canadian:-

These days I field so many calls, emails & texts from fellow Whites starting to freak out. I could let it eat my entire day everyday now if I let it.

The kikes destroyed my very hard earned unique career over 2 years ago. All my friends can’t believe I’m not panicking what….so….ever.

Recently I’ve had employers in my field call but demand vaccine … FU. Work for less money because they think they have the upper hand knowing guys in the field desperate for work (paraphrasing)…. FU. Ok, we’ll pay you want you want but you have to cram 2 weeks work into 3 or 4 days… FU.


I saw all this coming a long time ago. Sure, some basic prepping is common sense, we never should have lost that from our ancestors !

I was literally just outside doing some work and came in to make some dinner. On the way in I grabbed some weeds in the yard … mint leaf, dandelion leaves, raspberry leaves and some onion shoots and made a salad. Pffffttt… whatever. BRING IT ON KIKES !!

Whenever someone calls and asks, “what are you up to” … always same answer: PREPARING FOR WAR.

Relax everyone. Work on getting your mind harder. Can’t protect all that freeze dried food and bullshit Mike Adams tells you to buy from him anyway. That’s not the way to go about it.

The last thing we should being doing right now is panicking. We should be calm and sharpening our swords.

The ex-USAF veteran ends with:-

PS: I have been the same way here; I get calls to ask me to come back to work but I tell them ‘nope’. LOL Let the corporations that are run by cretins and miscreants sink. Who is John Galt? LOL

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