EXCELLENT NEWS: S.Africa: The biggest White Traitor Pik Botha is DEAD!

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[It is with great pleasure and joy that I can say Pik Botha has died! When I was young, in Rhodesia, this man appeared on the news, and he was very personable. This Afrikaner was very friendly, and could express himself well. We believed and trusted that he was a friend. But in the end, this man betrayed Rhodesia, South Africa and German South West Africa (Namibia).

I later learned from a General, Tienie Groenewald, of Military Intelligence, what a scumbag this guy was. Groenewald told me that the head of the CIA whom he knew, told him, that in his entire career in the CIA, that he had never met a man so CORRUPT! I was told that this man sold our secrets to anyone, to friend and foe alike. I wrote all this and put it in my book Government by Deception in 2002.

This man played a pivotal role, if not the key role in unseating PW Botha and bringing in FW De Klerk who would throw white South Africans right under the bus. A Rhodesian friend of mine, who grew up with me, at one time was a body guard to PW Botha. He told me things he saw with respect to the drunken bum Pik Botha. There is no good word that can be said for this man. He may have played a key role in breaking down this country and selling it down the river to the (((globalists))). He was in with the Jews, as was FW. It was all bad for us.

The Liberals will say good things about Pik, and that alone should be a sign to you what a traitor he was to all us whites. I see that a black General, and a white faggot have said good things about him. That should be an indication to you that this was not a good man for our cause.

They say he did great things in negotiating for Namibia. I don’t think so at all.

BTW, this guy, like the Jew Henry Kissinger, survived his presidents. It was as if he was untouchable. That also should be an indication that there was some skullduggery going on. 

In the article below they say he was “enlightened” – in other words, he was a Liberal TRAITOR! Jan]

Pik Botha, who served as foreign affairs minister under three apartheid presidents before becoming minister of mineral and energy affairs in Nelson Mandela’s government of national unity, has died at the age of 86.

The SABC said Botha’s son, Roelof Botha, had confirmed his death. Botha was recently hospitalised after falling ill.

As foreign affairs minister in the cabinets of apartheid presidents BJ Vorster and PW Botha, Botha fought a losing battle to persuade the world that the policy was not a fundamental violation of human rights.

He established relationships with US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and managed to influence former US president Ronald Reagan and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher to oppose sanctions against SA.

He worked to build a coalition of African states that would work with the apartheid regime, but was ultimately unsuccessful as the continent turned on the apartheid state.

Botha, who came from the party’s “verligte” (enlightened) wing, attempted to get PW Botha to accept greater political rights for black South Africans and outraged the apartheid establishment when he stated publicly that the country would one day have a black president.

Botha’s greatest diplomatic achievement was the successful negotiation of independence for Namibia, a series of talks that involved Cuba and the US.

Source: https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/national/2018-10-12-apartheid-super-salesman-turned-democrat-pik-botha-dead-at-86/

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