EXCELLENT: New Data Shows America Is Becoming MORE Conservative, Voters Less Likely To Identify As Liberal – My Comments


[This could be very interesting. The (((Liberals))) may have gone completely nuts and it may be costing them support. This is very interesting to watch. We need to keep an eye on this.

Merkel did say that Trump could be a threat the New World Order. How much of this is Trump … and how much of this is due to activists on the Internet, I don't know.
My only concern is whether Conservative = We die for Israel.
Therein lies some of the madness. But this has potential. If we can get away from LIBERAL, that is EXCELLENT. Then there is hope. Jan]

Here’s a video with a full discussion on it:


Here’s the article:
New Data Shows America Is Becoming MORE Conservative As Voters Less Likely To Identify As Liberal. A new report released by Gallup tracking 21 polls shows that in the US people are less likely to identify as liberal and more likely to identify as conservative since last year.For the longest time the trend had been moving toward liberal but something changed.We can all speculate but I’m willing to bet that the pendulum swung too far to the far left and has trigger a massive backlash. As Democrats promise insane policies to America the average person may no longer feel that they are being represented by an ever increasing far leftist party with an ideological bent.This can be seen in the data around Democratic voters as even within the party people have begun skewing toward conservative.The Democrats have a choice to make, stop the far left progressive nonsense and embrace kitchen table issues America cares about or keep pushing regressive, far left policy and the Orange Man bad narrative.If they choose the latter this trend will continue.its time to accept that while Trump is not the Democrats preferred candidate he is certainly not as bad as the media tries to claim. Democrats would be wise to embrace the strong economy and propose an alternative to Donald Trump’s negatives.Instead they push impeachment, scandals, and insane fake news stories that most Americans can see through.its just not working.

Source: https://videos.whatfinger.com/2020/01/10/new-data-shows-america-is-becoming-more-conservative-voters-less-likely-to-identify-as-liberal/

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