EXCELLENT: NAZISM is alive in Italy! – Catholic Church outraged after coffin covered with Nazi flag – My Comments

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[It's wonderful seeing the NAZI flag being used publicly on a coffin. There is no reason whatsoever why this lovely flag from the time of the Third Reich, shouldn't be used in public. Listen to all the crybaby crap from the Christian Church with regard to the Third Reich's flag. Hitler treated the Christian priests well and the Third Reich believed in POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY. But this shows you how demented people are. How everyone is jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof for a bunch of Jews. Truly, it's sickening. I find it disgusting that IN EUROPE … that NAZISM and FASCISM are "crimes". This is thanks to the victory of the disgusting Anglo-American-Jewish alliance. Now Europeans in Europe, in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES, cannot speak openly about ideas they invented. The Italians invented Fascism. Now personally, I think NAZISM is FAR SUPERIOR and is the best thing ever invented. But regardless, Fascism is Italian and NAZISM is German. Yet, Italians and Germans can't discuss or promote ideas they invented. It's like the Whites of South Africa who invented Apartheid. Apartheid is now a crime in the country where it was invented. I should tell you, that the flag of the previous White government of South Africa is now ILLEGAL inside South Africa. It's ILLEGAL to own it or display it. So we've walked right down that dumb road as well. But it's disgusting that WHITES are not allowed to speak about or promote or examine THINGS THEY INVENTED FOR THEMSELVES. It's beyond insane. And in America, things are going from bad to worse. There you can see the Confederates and the Confederacy is virtually illegal. But eventually even the Yankees will discover that it is going to be illegal to be White. Jews are tying everyone into knots. We need to change this through racial unity. This Anglo-American-Jewish nonsense is insane. It's a sellout of our entire civilization. Brought to you by the groveling British who soon will get some shocks in their own country. This is what happens when you listen to Jews. It's disgusting. Jan]

Photos and videos of a funeral in Italy show mourners covering a coffin with a Nazi flag and making fascist salutes

Catholic Church outraged after coffin covered with Nazi flag

The Vicariate of Rome has issued a statement condemning a funeral procession outside a church that saw mourners gather around a swastika-covered casket while shouting ‘Presente!’ and making fascist salutes with their right arms.

Italian news site Open published photos and videos of the situation outside St. Lucia church in Rome, sparking backlash over the presence of the Nazi symbol at a religious establishment.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Catholic Church in Rome denied any knowledge of what transpired, claiming the parish priest and the priest who conducted the funeral were unaware what happened outside after the service concluded.

“This ideological and violent exploitation, especially following an act of worship near a sacred place, remains serious, offensive and unacceptable for the church community of Rome and for all people of goodwill in our city,” the Vicariate of Rome said.

The Vicariate stated that the parish had confirmed that the events outside the church “took place without any authorization from either the parish priest or the celebrant priest” who had been “unaware” of the planned events before they occurred, calling the Nazi flag “a horrible symbol irreconcilable with Christianity.”

St. Lucia church was quick to distance itself “from every word, gesture and symbol used outside the church, attributable to extremist ideologies far from the message of the Gospel of Christ.”

Pope Francis, who is officially the bishop of Rome, has not commented on the situation so far.

Source: https://www.rt.com/news/545790-catholic-church-nazi-funeral/

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