EXCELLENT: Mussolini Predicted in 1934 a Black President of the USA! – My Comments

[This is a fascinating find that was published in the Barnes Review. This is more proof that the Axies Powers foresaw the future much clearer than all of us in the dumb Jewish dominated Anglo world. Hitler, Dr Goebbels and others all knew the future would be drab and miserable. Even Hitler's wife Eva, wrote to her sister explaining how she and Hitler were going to commit suicide and that it would be so much better than living in the future world. Oswald Spengler also predicted huge upheavals after the year 2000. Both Goebbels and also Spengler, specifically predicted things about the world after 2000 and they were right. But I like Spengler's prediction the most. The simple fact is that the Axis was composed of sane, clever, honest and brave Whites who were determined to face the future and to seize it for our race and to make Europe GREAT. Now look at the mess that has come from not listening to them! Jan]

March 25, 1934 – Chicago Daily Tribune front page story:

Duce Asks, Will A Negro Sit In The White House?

"The Diminution of births in the United States is assuming alarming proportions. When we reflect there are in the United States 11,500,000 Negroes, people of extrao Fecundicity, it is necessary to conclude with a real cry of alarm. the Yellow Peril is nothing. We will encounter an Africanized America in which the White race, by the inexorable law of numbers, will end up being suffocated by the grandsons of Uncle Tom. Are we to see within a century a Negro in the White House?"

From Barnes Review, May/June 2020, P. 37

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