EXCELLENT: Mozambique’s little war with the Black Muslims is getting worse…


I am enjoying monitoring the small war in the north of Mozambique between the shitbag govt, Frelimo, who were our enemies in the time of White rule. I am so delighted to see them struggling against other Blacks. I find it very funny and enjoyable. Mozambique were the firm enemies of Rhodesia and also South Africa, though South Africa decided to focus on Angola and to make peace with Mozambique. I’m not sure that was a good idea. Anyhow it delights me to see the shitbags, Frelimo struggling. These Blacks all thought that if you get the White man out of the way that then you never have problems ever again!!! Oh boy are they all in for a surprise. This tiny war is actually something that the government can’t even handle. I find it so funny.

And the Black Muslim terrorists seem to have some heavier weapons that they did not have before!

It’s all very funny.

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