EXCELLENT: Conference in Jordan: The Holocaust – the Biggest Lie in Modern History

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[Jim Rizoli sent me this. This is excellent. Its good to see that there is resistance to the Jewish lie in other parts of the world. We whites will not be without friends, if we dump the Jewish scum and focus on THE TRUTH which is our core value and strength.

I do have some differences with what is below, but on the whole, I agree with it.
Hitler did state in 1919, in a written document that the final solution to the Jewish problem was to remove them from Germany by emigration. He never spoke about exterminating them. That's just Jewish nonsense.
I will add that the Holocaust is not the biggest Jewish lie. There are even bigger Jewish lies. e.g. We are the chosen people of God, etc. Jan]


A conference titled “The Holocaust – the Biggest Lie in Modern History” was held in Jordan and broadcasted by Al-Finiq TV (Jordan) on October 14, 2019. At the conference, Jordanian researcher and journalist Muwaffaq Muhadin expressed doubt that Jews were burned in furnaces during WWII, and he claimed that more Roma had been killed by the Nazis than Jews, who he said had been killed just the same as Germans and other non-Jews had been killed. Jordanian researcher Mahmoud Awad said that the Nazis’ Final Solution had actually been to drive the Jews out of Germany in order to get rid of the Jewish influence that had ruined German and Western culture. He said that Zyklon B had been used to purify clothes, including the uniforms of prisoners, from insects and diseases and that it was only the bodies of deceased prisoners that had been burned in furnaces. Awad said that no more than 400,000 Jews had been killed by the Nazis and that the absence of ashes, bodies, bones, and other types of evidence demonstrate that it was implausible that the Nazis killed Jews in furnaces. He added: “[Goebbels] used to say: Lie and lie again until the people believe you. The Jews say: Lie and lie again until you believe yourself.”


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