EXCELLENT: 9 weeks!!! France: 170,000 people Take To The Streets To Protest Against Macron’s Vaccine Passports

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[Just fantastic stuff from our brethren in France. Wonderful! For 9 straight weeks! Lovely! Fantastic. Jan]

The streets of France were filled again on Saturday for the ninth straight week with protesters against President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine passport scheme.

Authorities estimated that around 170,000 protesters took part in towns across France, with roughly 30,000 in Paris.

The protests came the day after prosecutors charged the former Health Minister Agnes Buzyn in a special court in Paris for “endangering the lives of others” with her policies at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Breitbart reports: In the French capital, there were four demonstrations against the pass sanitaire (vaccine passport) on Saturday, with demonstrators chanting “Macron, your pass, we do not want it,” “Macron, resign,” and “no to dictatorship”.

One protester told the French broadcaster La Chaîne Info (LCI): “My fear is the total loss of freedoms and the vaccination of children,” adding: “I don’t want to be forced to show a QR code to go out, I want to keep my privacy confidential.”

Aside from the draconian health pass system, the demonstrators also protested against the upcoming vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, which is set to be imposed on September 15th.

“We are at the foot of the wall,” said a female healthcare worker who came from Franche-Comté to demonstrate in Paris.

“On September 15, my colleagues and I will be suspended without pay. The health system did not need that,” she lamented.

As is somewhat customary for protests in Paris, the police were seen clashing with the demonstrators, firing tear gas into the crowds, who in turn threw street furniture at officers.

According to the Ministry of Interior, 76 people were arrested at demonstrations throughout the country, including 70 in Paris

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